Malaysia: The Return of an Anti-Semitic Prime Minister

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: The 92-year-old Muhammad Mahathir has come out of retirement to become Malaysia’s prime minister once again. In his 2003 welcoming speech for the Summit of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, he said the Muslim world was in a frontal confrontation with the Jewish people. The most extreme inciters against Jews and Israel have for many years come out of the Muslim world. Mahathir’s 2003 speech and the applause he received from political leaders from the 57 Muslim states present is a prime example of major Muslim anti-Israel incitement.

Ninety-two-year-old Muhammad Mahathir has come out of retirement. He has won the Malaysian parliamentary elections and become the country’s prime minister once again.

Mahathir has a long record of extreme anti-Semitic statements. One in particular stands out because it was made at a gathering of almost all the Muslim countries. Both his statements and the reactions to it are worth recalling. They provide insight into what has happened since that time to both Muslim states and communities and the complex attitudes of Western democracies towards them.

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Sharia, Lies and Videotape

Anni Cyrus is a former child bride from Iran who suffered terribly under Sharia Law and was able to miraculously escape Islam’s totalitarian clutches. Today she is a human rights activist who tours our nation in an effort to raise awareness about Sharia; she runs her own website,, and produces this writer’s web-tv show, The Glazov Gang, which aims to tell the truth about the Leftist-Islamic Unholy Alliance.

Anni’s brave and noble fight on behalf of Muslims and non-Muslims who suffer at the hands of Jihad and Islamic Law has made her all the right enemies. The hate group, Southern Poverty Law Center, for example, is now targeting Anni, as is the Muslim-Brotherhood front-group CAIR, which is doing its best to try to silence the former child bride. Anni should take pride, of course, in these kind of attacks by these vile forces, since they confirm that she is doing something very right and humane — and effectively so.

Anni was recently invited to the Henry Monsky Lodge of B’nai B’rith in Omaha, Nebraska, to talk about Sharia Law and how she survived it. At the end of her talk, a leftist by the name of Steve, who described himself as a “lawyer,” attacked Anni with the preferred Jihad Denial slanders and accused her of preaching “hatred.” His intriguing performance was caught on video — which can be seen here. As it quickly became evident, Anni takes no prisoners when confronted with ignorance and she wiped the floor with Steve — just as she recently did with an Antifa “feminist.”

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Why Egypt Supports U.S. Withdrawal From Iran Nuclear Deal

President Trump’s decision to withdraw from the Iran nuclear deal focused understandable attention on the parties which negotiated it. But the move also carries implications for other regional states, including Egypt.

In 2015, Egypt welcomed any initiative to stop a nuclear arms race in the region, but viewed the negotiations skeptically. “We would hope that the agreement reached between the parties would be comprehensive and fulfilling that would prevent an arms race in the Middle East and the complete elimination of all weapons of mass destruction, including nuclear weapons,” said Egyptian foreign ministry spokesman Bader Abdul Atti. Three years later, former Egyptian Foreign Minister and incumbent Arab League Secretary General Ahmed Aboul Gheit expressed the same skepticism, saying the agreements focus solely on the nuclear program; it “is not the only element that should be pursued with Iran because it implements policies in the region that lead to instability.”

While the deal limited Iran’s uranium enrichment for a limited time, Iran never stopped supporting terrorist groups targeting Egypt, including the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas and Hizballah. And the deal failed to address Iran’s expansionist ambitions in the region.

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The HIV Crisis in Russia

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: Russia is experiencing an ever-growing number of reported HIV cases since the breakup of the Soviet Union. An estimated 1.5 million HIV cases are accompanied by a general decline in the Russian population that is expected to continue over the next several decades. A diminished population will directly affect Russia’s army, its military capabilities, and its economy, and thus its ability to position itself as a world power.

In 2016-17 Russia’s AIDS epidemic reached a dangerous level, with the threshold of registered HIV-positive people reaching the 1 million mark. The real numbers could be even higher, as many people tend not to divulge this problem. Some unofficial reports claim the true figure could be some 1.5 million, or almost 1% of the Russian population.

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The Real Agenda Behind the “Right of Return”

vents in Gaza this week illustrated with clarity the primary reason for the failure of the peace process. As long as the Palestinian national leadership is wedded to the notion of the “Right of Return” to Israel, there is no realistic way to reach an Israeli-Palestinian peace and a two-state solution. Hamas’ attempt to mobilize “a march of a million” into Israel, fizzled away. Most ordinary Gazans were unwilling to become martyrs on behalf of Hamas, but it is not only the Hamas terrorist group in Gaza that is seeking to force the “Right of Return,” through violence. The Palestinian Authority in Ramallah is likewise unwilling to compromise on an issue that Israel could never accept, since it would spell national suicide for Israel.

Efraim Karsh, writing in Commentary Magazine (May 1, 2001), pointed out that “During a span of six months, from the Camp David summit of July, 2000 to the Taba talks a few days before his crushing electoral defeat in February, 2001, (PM Ehud), Barak crossed every single territorial ‘red line’ upheld by previous Israeli governments in his frenzied quest for an agreement with the Palestinians based on the formula of land for peace. Unquestioningly accepting the Arab side’s interpretation of the UN Security Council Resolution 242, passed in the aftermath of the Six Day War of 1967, Barak’s government offered to cede virtually the entire West Bank and Gaza Strip to the nascent Palestinian state, and made breathtaking concessions over Israel’s capital city of Jerusalem. But, to its amazement, rather than reciprocating this sweeping comprehensive offer of land with a similarly generous offer of peace, the Palestinians responded with wholesale violence.

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The UK’s FGM clinics: another manifestation of the failure of multiculturalism

Wales is opening its first female genital mutilation (FGM) clinic to provide medical and psychological help for victims of the abhorrent practice.

It’s estimated that 2,000 women and girls in Wales live with FGM.

FGM is often carried out for religious and cultural reasons, usually associated with Islam. In some sects of Islam, FGM is mandatory. It is promoted by the Ulema Council in Indonesia, the world’s largest Muslim-majority country by population.

According to The Independent, one FGM case is reported every hour in the U.K.

The practice has been illegal in the United Kingdom since 1985, but British authorities have failed to bring forth one successful prosecution. In 2014, the first FGM clinic opened in London, and four more clinics have opened since then.

In Wales alone, 123 victims were treated for FGM in 2016 – with 44 of the victims being children under 18.

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