How Does Israel Survive the Hatred?

Beyond the Cusp

Oddly enough and contrary to what the media, experts, heads of such international organizations as the United Nations, European Union and all of their related agencies, and so many self-appointed know-it-alls, Israel has nothing to do with the hatred; it is not causing it nor curing it and definitely not bowing to those using it to make demands. The reason the hatred continues with such force and deep-throated volume is because there are so many who run with this hate using it as a weapon with which to destroy Israel. There are even those within Israel itself who fall sway of the demands of those who disguise their desire to destroy Israel behind their false concern for those whose hatreds are so obvious that Israel should properly ignore or even silence them. The ridiculousness of the collusion is that both sides prove their lack of good sense and we haveā€¦

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