Today is Nakba Day, A Celebration of Failure

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One question which is commonly asked is what exactly is Nakba Day. The answer starts with the translation of the word Nakba (also spelled Naqba), which means Catastrophe. This begs what was the Nakba, what was the catastrophe. Well, that gets to be more complex than one might expect because there are a number of items on the list with many of them steeped in misconceptions, lies, storytelling, justifying horrific acts, and when explaining it to people innocent and completely uninformed, that is an opening for Taqiyya. To begin our discussion, please allow us to try and concoct a list of the catastrophes which are often attributed to Nakba Day. There is the biggest of the items on the list and probably the one that hurts the inner feelings of superiority that many in Islam believe their societies actually are. We are talking about the fact that after almost…

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No, this is not the beginning of World War III – Trump just killed Assad’s chemical weapons program

The 105 missiles launched in retaliation for a poison gas attack in Syria targeted three chemical weapons facilities, including a research and development in Damascus’ Barzeh district and two facilities near Homs.
This is not the beginning of World War III. Nothing has changed after the attack.
The Assad regime, backed by Iran, continues to slaughter its citizens, and the Kurdish forces backed by the US continue to fight ISIS while millions of Muslim men flee to Europe.
Europe should close its borders and let Iraq, Lebanon, Jordan, Iran, Turkey and Saudi Arabia deal with the Syrian refugees.
Most of the immigrants who arrived in Europe are not refugees from Syria. They are Muslim immigrants from Africa, Asia and the Middle East who exploited the flow of immigrants from Syria to invade Europe as “refugees.”

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Flooding the Voter Rolls in US and Greece

As Greece struggles with accelerating economic decline and an increasing lack of public faith in the political leadership, the ruling Syriza coalition appears to be adopting a strategy of garnering votes from immigrants by expediting their naturalization process.

According to a recent report in the Greek daily Parapolitika, Interior Minister Panos Skourletis is laying the groundwork to enable hundreds of thousands of immigrants to become citizens and vote in the next elections. Although the mandate of Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras ends in September 2019, some analysts have been predicting a call for elections by the end of 2018.

Until now, candidates for Greek citizenship had to be vetted by a committee. Under the new system, applicants will be granted citizenship automatically if they correctly answer 20 out of 30 questions online. In addition, the government is planning to allow immigrants over the age of 65 to obtain Greek IDs, without testing their knowledge of the Greek language. In other words, it will be easier to obtain Greek citizenship than a Greek fishing license. As a result, a total of 800,000 immigrants — almost one-tenth of the native Greek population — will soon become citizens. Transposed to the United States, that would be the equivalent of 32,000,000 new voters.

In principle, the idea is no different from George Soros’s 220-page guide, released by DC Leaks, seemingly to create a permanent voting majority for the Democratic Party by “enlarge[ing] the U.S. electorate by 10 million voters by 2018.”

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Turkey Calls on Europe to Criminalize “Islamophobia”

At an event held on April 11 to unveil the 2017 European Islamophobia Report — released by the Foundation for Political, Economic and Social Research — Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Çavuşoğlu called on EU governments to criminalize Islamophobia.

“There is no ideology or terminology called ‘Islamism’; There is only one Islam and it means ‘peace,'” he declared — incorrectly: salaam means peace; Islam means submission. He also claimed that populist politicians are “increasingly engaging in extremist, anti-immigrant, xenophobic, and Islamophobic rhetoric to get a few more votes,” and that “centrist politicians are… using a similar rhetoric to get back the votes they have lost.”

Urging all politicians to recognize Islamophobia as “a hate crime and a form of racism” in their constitutions, Çavuşoğlu accused European judiciaries of applying a double standard by not paying as much attention to Islamophobia as they do to anti-Semitism. Using the Holocaust as an analogy, he continued: “There is no need to relive Auschwitz or wait for Muslims to be burned in gas chambers like Jewish people.”

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Watch: An Israeli woman with a wake-up call to the fake feminists in the West – Islamists are outraged

Israel is the only country in the entire Middle East where women are safe and free.
Women all over the Muslim world are being persecuted under Sharia law.
Under Sharia law a woman is considered half of a man.
Women in the world are forced to wear a veil, and banned from leaving the house without the male guardian’s permission. They suffer from FGM and honor killings.
Where are all the UN human rights organizations? Where are all women’s rights organizations in the West?

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