Israelis have plenty of time to prepare for rocket attacks.


Israelis have plenty of time to prepare for rocket attacks.

Hamas has fired thousands of rockets into Israel from the Gaza Strip and continues to build up its arsenal. Hezbollah is believed to have more than 100,000 rockets pointed at Israel from various sites in Lebanon. In addition, Syrian, Hezbollah and Iranian forces have rockets that can target Israel from bases inside Syria. On May 10, 2018, Iran fired 20 rockets at Israel. Four were intercepted by the Iron Dome anti-missile defense system and the others reportedly fell inside Syria. Israel has developed a sophisticated warning system to advise the population of a rocket attack; however, given the speed of missiles and Israel’s small size, the public has very little time to seek shelter.

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Palestinians: License to Kill Americans

Hate speech and incitement make up the core of the Palestinian narrative.

For several decades now, the Palestinians have been waging a massive and vicious campaign of incitement against Israel. This campaign has made it impossible for any Arab to even think about the prospects of peace with Israel. Notably, the Palestinian hatred of Israel is not linked to anything Israel does or does not do. Rather, the Palestinian hatred of Israel is based on Israel’s existence. Palestinians hate Israel because they believe that Jews have no right to a sovereign country of their own in the Middle East.

Palestinian hate speech against Israel is part of the global landscape: by now, no one even expects anything else from them. A Palestinian mosque preacher calling Jews “descendants of monkeys and pigs” is no story at all — just more of the same. Similarly, a Palestinian maiming or murdering a Jew has become the norm.

The day will come — and it is not far away — when reports of Palestinians not inciting against Israel and Jews will be a remarkable one. The day will come when the only story worth reporting is when a Palestinian did not carry out a terrorist attack against a Jew that day.

Much ink has been spilled about the Palestinians’ ongoing efforts to delegitimize Israel and demonize Jews. Hundreds, if not thousands, of such cases have been documented in the past few decades. We have become so inured to this Palestinian campaign of incitement and indoctrination that we see it as no different than a daily crossword puzzle in the newspaper.

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Trump’s Iran deal decision was a masterstroke

Opponents of President Donald Trump claim that President Donald Trump’s decision to leave the Iran deal blocks any chance of a new agreement with Tehran and wrecks U.S. credibility with its allies.

Trump’s supporters, for their part, argue that the president opened up the possibility of negotiating a better deal with the ayatollahs by abandoning his predecessor’s lopsided nuclear pact.

Both sides are wrong. And, more to the point, they miss the larger picture.

For more than twenty years, successive U.S. administrations have been vexed by the challenge of Iran’s illicit pursuit of nuclear weapons. And from the time the problem first emerged during Bill Clinton’s tenure at the White House, there have only been two viable means to block Iran’s path to the bomb.

The first path is the path of regime change. This option requires the U.S. to precipitate Iran’s economic and social collapse through crippling economic sanctions and active support for the Iranian people as they rise up against their theocratic overlords.

The second path is to destroy Iran’s nuclear installations and assets through limited covert and overt strikes.

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Netanyahu’s finest hour

At the start of his cabinet meeting on Wednesday, President Donald Trump discussed his announcement Tuesday afternoon that he is removing the US from his predecessor Barack Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran and reinstating the nuclear sanctions that were suspended with the deal’s implementation in January 2016.

European and other international leaders responded angrily to Trump’s move. The EU’s foreign policy commissioner Federica Mogherini was downright indignant.

Apparently unaware that the US is a more important EU ally than Iran, Mogherini insisted, “The European Union is determined to preserve it. Together with the rest of the international community, we will preserve this nuclear deal.”

The liberal US media outlets were also aghast. Commentators joined the chorus of former Obama administration officials condemning Trump and insisting his move will isolate the US from the international community.

Trump brushed off his critics by noting, “You saw [Prime Minister] Benjamin Netanyahu get up yesterday and talk so favorably about what we did.”

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Israel’s Netta Barzilai wins Eurovision Song Contest 2018 – Israel News

For the fourth time ever, and for the first time in 20 years, Israel took home the top prize at the Eurovision singing competition this year. Netta Barzilai, a 25-year-old from Hod Hasharon, received the most votes for her song “Toy” and won the iconic glass microphone in Lisbon, Portugal, just before midnight on Saturday.

“I’m so happy – thank you so much,” said an emotional Barzilai when she took the stage after her win. “Thank you so much for choosing difference, thank you so much for accepting differences between us… I love my country, next time in Jerusalem!”

Later that night, during a press conference, Barzilai said “everyone gave great performances tonight but somebody had to win.
I’m happy they picked me this year.” The singer added that she was overjoyed that people voted for her, “choosing something different. Choosing something that’s evolved. Choosing 2018. I am proud and honored to do this. I am proud and honored to bring this magical event to Israel next year.”

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