Double Booking

An old man in his mid-eighties struggles to get up from his couch, then starts putting on his coat. 

His wife, observing her husband’s odd behavior, asks, “Where are you going?” 

He replies, “I’m going to the doctor.” 

She says, “Why, are you sick?” 

He says, “Nope, I’m going to get some Viagra.” 

Immediately the wife starts positioning herself to get out of her rocker and begins putting her coat on.

He asks, “Where the hell are you going?” 

She answers, “I’m going to the doctor, too.” 

He says, “Why, what do you need?” 

She says, “If you’re going to start using that rusty old thing, I’m getting a tetanus shot.”

The Death of “Never Again”

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After the Shoah, the Holocaust, the Jewish People made a promise to one another of, “Never Again.” The world echoed the call, “Never Again.” Most notably, Europe and particularly Germany echoed the call, “Never Again.” Now the world stands at the brink which they will break their promise of, “Never Again.” One need merely search the news to see the ever-increasing rate of attacks upon Jews simply because they are Jews. European leaders speak of their increased efforts to address anti-Semitism after each attack. France has placed military personnel to guard Jewish daycares, preschools, education centers, Synagogues and events throughout France. Britain and Germany have declared they are taking steps to fight against anti-Semitism with Germany appointing Dr. Felix Klein to take charge of the efforts at education and other means of fighting anti-Semitism. Dr. Klein will take his position sometime this month. There have been warnings sent initially through…

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Iran in the US Backyard

Iran and Hezbollah have been operating in Latin America since the 1980s, effectively undisturbed. During this time, Iran and its proxy, the terrorist organization Hezbollah, have been Islamizing Latin America, seemingly to create a forward base of operations for the Islamic Republic in the backyard of the United States.

No Latin American country has designated Hezbollah a terrorist organization: Hezbollah can operate with relative impunity there. In April 2017, a Hezbollah operative, Mohamad Hamdar, arrested in Peru, was acquitted of all terrorism-related charges. The Peruvian court found that Hamdar’s role within Hezbollah was in itself insufficient to consider him a terrorist[1]. This legal vacuum regarding Hezbollah might also be why Islamic terrorism, drug-trafficking and organized crime in the region is frequently underestimated.

According to testimony at a United States House of Representatives panel hearing on Iran’s global terrorism network on April 17, 2018, Iran and Hezbollah have converted and radicalized thousands of Latin Americans to Shia Islam. In some Latin American countries, such as Venezuela, Iran’s and Hezbollah’s efforts have even been promoted by local political elites. Venezuelan Vice President Tareck El Aissami — of Lebanese and Syrian origins and with ties to both cocaine trafficking and Hezbollah — oversaw the illicit sale and distribution of at least 10,000 Venezuelan passports and other documents to persons from Syria, Iraq and other Middle Eastern countries. These reportedly included Hezbollah terrorists and members of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps. More than a decade ago, a US congressional report warned that Venezuela was providing support to radical Islamic groups, including the supply of identity documents. El Aissami could, in the foreseeable future, become president of Venezuela.

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Iranian child bride sentenced to death by hanging after giving birth to stillborn baby

A child bride is facing execution for murder after giving birth to a stillborn baby.
Zeinab Sokian was sentenced to death in 2012 when she just 17 after giving birth to a stillborn baby in her village in northern Iran.
Under Iranian law, murder carries the death penalty.
Under the Sharia laws in Iran, women are not considered human beings.
Under Sharia in the Muslim world a woman is considered half of a man because it is written in the Koran that a woman has only half a brain.
The Western world ignores the cruel violation of women’s rights in Iran.
According to sharia laws in Iran:
– There is no freedom of religion or freedom of speech.
– There is no equality between people (the non-Muslim is not equal to the Muslim).
– There are no equal rights for men and women.
– There is no democracy or a separation between religion and state politics.
Sharia is incompatible with Western values.

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Watch: Afghan migrant harassed Bulgarian woman and got a lesson

Migrant claims 10 Bulgarian men beat him – Locals say a woman did it to defend herself from being rape.
This Afghan immigrant tried to rape a woman but she defended herself and fought him.
He was wounded and went to the media to tell a fake story about how 10 men beat him up in a robbery attempt.
These people have no shame, they do not respect the country that gives them shelter.
They do not stop complaining about the country that gives them shelter.
Every country has the right to defend itself and deport illegal immigrants back to where they came from.

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