Are Palestinians in Syria given as much attention as those in Gaza?


Palestinians in Syria are given as much attention as those in Gaza.

While the plight of Palestinians in the disputed territories regularly attracts media scrutiny, the press has shown little interest in the crisis for Palestinians in Syria. Similarly, organizations that feign interest in Palestinian welfare, including those on college campuses, focus their ire on Israel. It has become almost axiomatic that the misfortune of a Palestinian only merits attention if Israel can be blamed.

One media outlet that has given some attention to Syria’s treatment of Palestinians is Al Jazeera (see, for example, “UNRWA: 3,500 Palestinian refugees flee Syria’s Yarmouk camp,” Al Jazeera, April 28, 2018). The network reported that during the same time the world press was focused on Palestinian protests in Gaza, an estimated 3,500 Palestinians fled the Yarmouk refugee camp to escape attacks by Syrian forces and their allies. Chris Gunness, a spokesperson for UNRWA, said, “Many are sleeping in the streets and begging for medicine. There is almost no water or electricity. Their suffering is unimaginable.”

via Myths & Facts: Online Exclusives

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