The EU’s solution to the Irish border issue. Who knew?

Day after day, the Remainer media hammer away at the apparently insoluble problem of the border between the Irish Republic and Northern Ireland after Brexit.

Day after day, the BBC et al tell us that if there is a “hard” border the Northern Ireland Good Friday peace settlement will collapse; and so there is no alternative to Northern Ireland remaining within the EU single market/customs union to enable uninterrupted passage of goods from south to north. Which of course would mean no Brexit for the rest of the UK either.

This impossible Irish conundrum is deployed as the ultimate argument by Remainers to prove that Brexit is an impossibility wrapped in a delusion representing an insanity. Look at these benighted Brexiteers, they cry, even prepared to countenance renewed murder and mayhem in Northern Ireland to realise the fanatical bigotry of Brexit.

None of them ever mentions that the EU itself has identified the solution to this problem. None of them ever mentions this.

via The EU’s solution to the Irish border issue. Who knew?

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