Watch: Nicky Hailey Refuses to Hand Over $65M to the UN – Palestinians are in Panic Mode

Trump administration punishes the Palestinians after they tried to humiliate the United States at the UN by voting in the General Assembly against US sovereignty over its foreign policy to decide to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.
“We’re not going to reward bad behavior,” said the US ambassador to the United Nations, referring to cut in funding to refugee aid group.
U.S. negotiates $285 million cut in United Nations budget after its vote to condemn U.S. decision on Jerusalem.
The vote at the UN General Assembly was a shameful attack against the sovereignty of the United States.
No one has the right to decide for the US where it can or can not put its embassy.

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So You Think Ahed Tamimi is Just Misbehaving

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There are people from the leftist let’s hate Israel group that the Arab teenager and serial gadfly which slaps and curses Israeli soldiers as her form of protest is innocent and does not deserve being arrested or tried. Well, let us take a serious look at Ms. Tamimi and her career of activities. Here we can witness a family picture from our article “Palestinian Propaganda Brought to Ithaca Third Grade” from Tuesday, ‎September ‎22, ‎2015 where we covered a small introduction to the Tamimi family and their production of terrorism. We were specifically covering the father, Bilal Tamimi, and his production company where, supported by family and friends, he instigated confrontations with Israeli soldiers and he films the entirety. He then edits them with care to produce films with which he tours the United States and Europe and shows the cruelty of these Israeli monsters in uniform and…

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United Nations Middle East Security Council

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We thought we might try and give our reaction to the recent Middle East Security Council conference which included an approximately hour long diatribe from, as all too many described him in their thanking commentary, the honorable leader of the State of Palestine Mahmoud Abbas, while most ignored the commentary or to give and remark or respect to the Ambassador from Israel. This was exactly as expected though still distasteful. The main objection is the complete lack of actual knowledge which was evident in the commentary. Their grasp of relevant history was disgraceful in its absence of actual truth and fact. So, allow us to hit on the most glaring examples.

First, other than Israeli Ambassador Danny Danon, nobody took exception with Mahmoud Abbas claiming that the Palestinians were the descendants of the Canaanites adding that they had lived in Palestine for five-thousand years. The Canaanites are an extinct set…

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Heroic Women Fighting for Freedom


Take note, those of you who want to see real women freedom-fighters. Look into the streets of Iran or listen to the chess champion Anna Muzychuk.

Iranian women, by risking their lives, have unmasked the faces of those trying to promote burqas and hijabs as supposed “symbols of liberation”.

The desperate attempt of Iranian people pouring out onto the streets against the Islamist regime exposes the bitter life that Iran’s citizens, especially women, have been forced to live for nearly forty years in the name of Islamic law, (sharia).

These demonstrations have also shown the ugly face of Islamists who take their own people hostage to quench their thirst for power — by repression, jail, torture, executions — any way they can.

Iranian women, like many others, are sick and tired of living in layers upon layers of imprisonment.

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Donald Trump is trying to protect America with a ban on refugees from terror-laden countries

Trump, as a candidate, called in 2015 for a ban on refugees from terror-laden countries.
Trump is correct, Just look at what has been happening to Europe in recent years since the beginning of the immigration crisis.
Here are only few examples:
3 June 2017 – London: Eight people were killed when three Muslim terrorists drove a van into pedestrians on London Bridge.
22 May 2017 – Manchester: Suicide bomber Salman Abedi detonated a bomb at Manchester Arena as fans were leaving an Ariana Grande concert, killing himself and 22 others.
7 April 2017 – Stockholm: Muslim terrorist drove stolen truck into a crowd in the Swedish capital, killing four people and wounding 15 others.
19 December 2016 – Berlin: Muslim terrorist drove a truck into a crowded Christmas market in central Berlin, killing 12 people and injuring 56 others.
Hundreds of innocent people have been killed in terrorist attacks in France, Germany, Britain, Finland and even Sweden.
After Millions of illegal immigrants and refugees have infiltrated into Europe thanks to the EU’s open borders policy.

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An Indian Embassy in Jerusalem, Please

India’s vote in favour of the recent UN General Assembly resolution critical of U.S. President Donald Trump’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and shift its embassy to the holy city is most unfortunate. The resolution, adopted with 128 in favour to nine against, with 35 abstentions, expressed “deep regret” over this decision and stressed that Jerusalem “is a final status issue to be resolved through negotiations in line with relevant U.N. resolutions.”

The Trump administration’s decision on Jerusalem is very much in harmony with the morality of American democracy and the resolution of its Congress, and that if there are 56 Islamic states in the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC); seven officially Roman Catholic states (Argentina, Bolivia, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Liechtenstein, Malta and Monaco); four officially Protestant states (Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden); one Eastern Orthodox state (Greece), and one Anglican state (Great Britain), surely there is room for one Jewish state for a people who have continuously lived on that land for nearly 4,000 years.

Jerusalem has been in the heart of Jews. Israeli Ambassador to India Daniel Carmon repeated the claim to Jerusalem: “Jerusalem always was the capital of the Jewish people, is and will continue to be the capital of modern Israel. No vote at the General Assembly can change that.”

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Brilliant response of a Jerusalem resident after Obama tried to divide Jerusalem

Jerusalem Resident in response to Hussein Obama “To ask us to put a terrorist state on our back doorstep when we already have one on the Gaza strip…”
Simply read history. No arab nation has the right to claim any portion of Jerusalem. Beyond this look at the geography! A quick look at the map discovers that the Arab nations can easily dive up their land and give them a place. Wait? What? it’s not about the Arabs having land? It’s all about the eradication of the Jewish state. Wake up.

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