Sovereignty Over the Shomron

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Recently we wrote about the postponement again of the Sovereignty Bill where Prime Minister Netanyahu claimed the postponement was due to the need to work with the Administration of President Trump. Well, it turns out that President Trump and his administration does not know about any such need to work with Netanyahu. Perhaps we should be understanding as Prime Minister Netanyahu has so many troubles at the moment that he gets confused about with whom he has discussed what and when or how. The Israeli police have finally completed their multi-year investigations, the latest of their investigations, and have advised that charges be filed against Prime Minister Netanyahu. This has become an event every couple of years where the police recommend charges be brought and when all is said and done more was said than done as the Attorney General and his prosecutors end up giving the police a…

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Illegal immigrant Muslim threatens to jump off building in Berlin

uslim immigrant from Iraq threatened to jump off a refugee registration centre building in Berlin on Thursday, reportedly due to being unhappy that he had been waiting to be registered at the centre for 21 days.
He demands that the authorities will take care of him “quickly” by giving him welfare benefits, money and free housing.
The German government expects to spend around 93.6 billion euros by the end of 2020 on costs related to the refugee crisis.
The only solution to the immigration crisis is to close the borders and deport illegal immigrants back to where they came from.
Most of the immigrants who arrived in Germany are not refugees from Syria. They are Muslim immigrants from Africa, Asia and the Middle East who exploited the flow of immigrants from Syria to invade Europe as “refugees.”

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Australian MP, Pauline Hanson, warns Muslims “obey our laws or go back where you came from.

In a controversial speech at the Australian Parliament Australian MP, Pauline Hanson, declared war against the ideology of radical Islam and Sharia law in Australia.
She gave Islamists an ultimatum “If you are not prepared to become Australian and give this country your undivided loyalty, obey our laws, respect our laws and our way of life then I suggest you go back.”
She also called to ban the burqa in Australia and to ban Saudi funding (foreign funding) of mosques to stop the spreading of Wahhabism which is the extreme interpretation of Islam.
Australia’s Muslim community reacted with outrage to this speech.
Please write in the comments below: Do you support Pauline Hanson? Answer with “yes” or “no”.

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The Potential for Al Jazeera Starting the next Middle East War

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Qatar has opened a gashing wound upon the Saudi Royal Family and their claims to be the “Servant of the Holy Places” of Mecca and Medina. Using their weaponized radio and television channels broadcasting as al Jazeera they have called for the internationalizing of the Islamic Holy Cities. Such an eventuality would rob the Saudi Royal Family of their claim which justifies their ability to rule Saudi Arabia and could even foment a civil war within Saudi Arabia. The reasoning behind this call being made by al Jazeera may not even be originating from Qatar but instead from Tehran, Iran and the Mullahs. This might even be a ploy originating in Ankara, Turkey with President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan who has visions of reestablishing the Ottoman rule over Mecca and Medina. Wherever the idea for these broadcasts, the one thing which is obvious is, it has heightened already drawn tight tensions…

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How Palestinians Silence Palestinians

Most people probably do not know him by name, but the image of Mohammed Al-Dayeh was a public one for many years. The tough-looking, mustachioed man in military garb served as the trusted bodyguard of former PLO leader Yasser Arafat.

His proximity to Arafat turned Al-Dayeh into one of the most powerful figures in the PLO leadership, especially during the 1990s and 2000s. If you wanted anything from Arafat — from money to springing your son from prison — Al-Dayeh was your man.

He was glued to Arafat night and day. He accompanied him on his persistent globe-trotting. You can hardly find a photo of Arafat without Al-Dayeh. Insiders say Arafat “adopted” him after he was orphaned from his parents during the civil war in Lebanon.

Al-Dayeh’s fall from grace was rapid once his boss, Arafat, died in 2004. This is typical for dictatorial regimes that are run as a one-man show. Arafat managed the Palestinian Authority (and PLO) as if it were his private fiefdom. When the emperor falls, so do many of those around him, particularly his personal picks.

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Debating BDS with Cornel West

I recently debated Professor Cornel West of Harvard about the boycott movement against Israel. The topic was resolved: “The boycott, divestiture and sanctions (BDS) movement will help bring about the resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.”

Debating Cornel West about BDS, which Prof. Dershowitz (right) says is not a protest movement against Israeli policy, but against Israel’s very existence. Photo: CSPAN/Screenshot.

West argued that Israel was a “colonialist-settler” state and that apartheid in the West Bank was “worse” than it was in white-ruled South Africa and should be subject to the same kind of economic and cultural isolation that helped bring about the fall of that regime.

I replied that the Jews who emigrated to Israel – a land in which Jews have lived continuously for thousands of years – were escaping from the countries that persecuted them, not acting as colonial settlers for those countries. Indeed, Israel fought against British Colonial rule. Zionism was the national liberation movement of the Jewish people, not a colonial enterprise. Nor is Israel in any way like South Africa, where a minority of whites ruled over a majority of Blacks, who were denied the most fundamental human rights. In Israel, Arabs, Druze and Christians have equal rights and serve in high positions in government, business, the arts and academia. Jews were a majority in Israel, both when the UN divided mandatory Palestine (Eretz Yisrael) into “two states for two people,” and at present, although the Arab population has increased considerably since 1948. Even the situation on the West Bank – where Palestinians have the right to vote for their leaders and criticize Israel, and where in cities such as Ramallah there is no Israeli military or police presence – the situation is no way comparable to apartheid South Africa.

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Putin says Muslim refugees and Migrants should go to Saudi Arabia or Iran

Russian President Vladimir Putin says Muslim immigrants and Muslim refugees should go to a country that shares the same religion as them, such as Saudi Arabia and Iran “Where their radical beliefs are considered the norm”.
When he was asked by RT why Russia does not take Syrian refugees he said “Russia is for Russians, first and foremost”.
Putin believes the open borders policy of the European Union is a disaster.

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Expect America’s tensions with China and Russia to rise in 2018

Yesterday’s 2017 review and forecast for 2018 focused on the most urgent challenges the Trump administration faces: the volatile Middle East, international terrorism and the proliferation of nuclear, chemical and biological weapons. Today, we examine the strategic threats posed by China and Russia and one of President Trump’s continuing priorities: preserving and enhancing American sovereignty.

China has likely been Trump’s biggest personal disappointment in 2017, one where he thought that major improvements might be possible, especially in international trade. Despite significant investments of time and attention to President Xi Jinping, now empowered in ways unprecedented since Mao Tse Tung, very little has changed in Beijing’s foreign policy, bilaterally or globally. There is no evidence of improved trade relations, or any effort by China to curb its abuses, such as pirating intellectual property, government discrimination against foreign traders and investors, or biased judicial fora.

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