Making it Big Time

Back in the old Wild West, there were two stupid scoundrels, Jeff and Dave. One day, the two were enjoying a strong sasparilla in the local saloon, when a man walked into the bar with an Indian’s head under his arm. 

The barman shakes his hand and says, “I hate Indians; last week the bastards burnt my barn to the ground.” He then says, “If any man brings me an Indian’s prized horse, I’ll give him $1000.”

The two men looked at each other, walked out of their bar and mounted their horses. It wasn’t long before they saw an Indian, so they caught up to him and pushed him off his horse.

He fell into a ravine, but the loyal horse followed him right down there. The two nuts scrambled to follow it down to the bottom to try and catch it.

Suddenly, Jeff said, “Dave, look at this!” Dave replied, “Not now – can’t you see I’m trying to catch a prized horse!?”

Jeff shouted again, breathlessly: “I really think you should look at this.”

“Why don’t you help me try and make $1000 instead of goofing off?”

But Jeff was adamant. “Please, just take a damn look!”

So Dave stopped running, looked up and saw that standing at the top of the ravine were five thousand red Indians – on their horses.

Dave just shook his head and said, “Oh . . . my . . . God . . . we’re going to be millionaires!”

Demand That Linda Sarsour Apologize to Ayaan Hirsi Ali!

Muslim reformer Imam Tawhidi on Twitter because he asked her to apologize for her grotesque and vicious tweet about the courageous truth-teller about Islam, Ayaan Hirsi Ali.

In the tweet, Sarsour expressed her desire to whip Ali and take her vagina away. (Note that Hirsi Ali was subjected to female genital mutilation when she was five years old in Somalia.)

Sarsour’s yearning for this sadistic violence also, as the Tweet indicates, includes Brigitte Gabriel, another brave and heroic opponent of Islamic Supremacism.

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Any Excuse to Postpone Action on Claiming All the Land

Beyond the Cusp

The excuses roll off the lips and out of the mouths of the leaders of the coalition one after the other. They make them sound so righteous and proper. We need to work with the Administration of President Trump. The security situation demands we wait as that takes precedent. The Prime Minister has determined this is not the time. The Europeans have demanded we reconsider. The stars are not aligned in favor currently. There are winds blowing for which we have to understand. Any port in a storm will do when it comes to postponing consideration of the Sovereignty Bill. Judea and Samaria, the Shomron, are to continue to be Jewish killing fields and our leaders are refusing to extend protection of Israeli law and instead leave the area under military rule which has proven so insufficient, especially since the disastrous Oslo Accords. What is strange is even the Romans…

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Islamic Oppression of Women: A Hot New Market

We are not talking about the dreary type of Muslim garment of Raqqa or Kabul, but a global market that is a Westernized, colorful, supposedly joyful Islamic enterprise.

First it was a Muslim woman wearing a hijab in Playboy. Then Nike released a “performance hijab” for athletes. Meanwhile, last spring, Aab, one of the world’s leading Islamic clothing retailers, opened its first boutique in London, just in time for the annual London Fashion Week. Vogue Arabia published its first-ever print issue. Last month, Mattel unveiled, so to speak, the world’s first hijab-wearing Barbie doll, who is apparently part of a new series dedicated to women “breaking social barriers”.

A conformist and “inclusive” establishment, eager for profits, has turned the Islamic veil into a purportedly new symbol of freedom and fashion. Islamists have understood this psychology among Western elites, who are terrified to be accused of “Islamophobia”. This is how Islamist misogyny has been turned into a global garment. Take a recent Vogue announcement:

“Dolce & Gabbana is producing a collection of hijabs and abayas [full-length Saudi covering for women] targeted to Muslim customers in the Middle East. To Muslim women with a taste for luxury fashion, this collection is an exciting development”.

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