Instructions to the Maid

A guy dials his home phone from work. A strange woman answers.  

The guy says, “Who is this?” 

“This is the maid.”, answered the woman. 

“We don’t have a maid!” 

“I was just hired this morning by the lady of the house.” 

“Well, this is her husband. Is she there?” 

“Ummm …. she’s upstairs in the bedroom with someone who I just figured was her husband.” 

The guy is fuming. He says to the maid, “Listen, would you like to make $50,000?” 

“What do I have to do?” 

“I want you to get my gun from my desk in the den and shoot that witch and the jerk she is with.” 

The maid puts down the phone. The guy hears footsteps, followed by two gunshots. 

The maid comes back to the phone. “What should I do with the bodies?” 

“Throw them in the swimming pool!” 

“What?! There’s no pool here?” 

*Long pause* “Uh …. is this 832-4821?”

‘Heroes of Life’ – Part II


‘Heroes of Life’ – are those incredible humans who always find their way to light and love. They had known defeat, sufferingand strugglesyet they possess a beautiful story in their hearts, which is worthy to share with the world.

Sharing 10 real life stories which will definitely melt your heart

Featured first on my Facebook page: GMB Akash


Every day it was my task to wait for my father in the evening. I waited, and waited for him to arrive home from our village market. When he returned with his happy face, my first question was “what did you bring for me today?” As always the reply was with another question, “who will bring you sweets every day when I won’t be here anymore?” I used to always laugh at his questions and replied “who? You don’t know who my husband will be!” I don’t remember my…

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What’s the problem with the new head of anti-extremism ? She’s too anti-extremism..

The British government has appointed a lead commissioner for the new Commission for Countering Extremism. She is Sara Khan, a British Muslim human rights activist and the chief executive of Inspire, an organisation she founded in 2008 to fight extremism and gender inequality.

The decision to set up this commission followed the Manchester bombing, one of five terror attacks in Britain in 2017. The commission’s remit is to identify and challenge all forms of extremism, advise ministers on anti-extremist policies and promote “pluralistic British values”.

Sara Khan has a track record of promoting social justice and harmony in the face of those who would destroy them. She encourages Muslim integration into British society. She says Muslims should obey the same laws as everyone else and has called for honesty among Muslims about hateful ideologies and intolerant practices amongst their number. Her opposition to the government’s badly flawed counter-extremism bill, meanwhile, showed that she’s no government patsy.

Sara Khan would therefore seem to be an excellent choice to advise the government on countering extremism. Her views couldn’t possibly be considered controversial except by extremists and their apologists.

So what’s the reaction of numerous supposedly moderate British Muslim organisations and individuals? Horror!

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World Anti-Semitism Will Never Die

Beyond the Cusp

There is an underlying distaste of the Biblical definition of the Israelites as the Chosen People. This has been taken by the non-Jewish world to mean that the Jews find themselves to be better than everyone else. It never occurs to them that what being the Chosen People was that the Israelites were, or at least Abraham, Isaack and Jacob were the first people who followed Hashem and were to live by the laws Hashem would impart to Moses at Mount Sinai during the Exodus. The Jews are not to believe they are any better than anyone else, they are to hold themselves to a higher standard through the six-hundred-thirteen commandments in Torah and the other laws and admonitions which would be imparted through the Oral Law. Jews were expected to try harder to be the best society they could possibly accomplish. The truth be told, the Jews were actually…

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Trump can cut $20 billion in US foreign aid after shameful UN vote

S President Donald Trump threatened to cut aid to U.N. members that support a UN General Assembly resolution on Thursday that seeks to annul the United States’ recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

Trump told reporters at the White House that, “They (U.N. members) take hundreds of millions of dollars and even billions of dollars, and then they vote against us.”
Here are the numbers, Egypt 1.381 billion dollars, Jordan 1 billion dollars, The Palestinian Authority $300 million, Lebanon $103 million, Iraq $347 million. Afghanistan $726 million, Pakistan $329 million, Iraq 258 million dollars, Bangladesh $175 million, Nigeria $373 million and Indonesia $178 million.

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Arab Apartheid Targets Palestinians

Iraq has just joined the long list of Arab countries that shamelessly practice apartheid against Palestinians. The number of Arab countries that apply discriminatory measures against Palestinians while pretending to support the Palestinian cause is breathtaking. Arab hypocrisy is once again on display, but who who is looking?

The international media — and even the Palestinians — are so preoccupied with US President Donald Trump’s announcement on Jerusalem that the plight of Palestinians in Arab countries is dead news. This apathy allows Arab governments to continue with their anti-Palestinian policies because they know that no one in the international community cares — the United Nations is too busy condemning Israel to do much else.

So what is the story with the Palestinians in Iraq? Earlier this week, it was revealed that the Iraqi government has approved a new law that effectively abolishes the rights given to Palestinians living there. The new law changes the status of Palestinians from nationals to foreigners.

Under Saddam Hussein, the former Iraqi dictator, the Palestinians enjoyed many privileges. Until 2003, there were about 40,000 Palestinians living in Iraq. Since the overthrow of the Saddam regime, the Palestinian population has dwindled to 7,000.

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