Extract taken from an Express reader

Extract taken from an Express reader
“I remember my Dad reading the EU referendum back in 1975 two years after Heath had taken us in – the question read “Do you think that the United Kingdom should stay in the European Community (the Common Market)?” “common market – free trade” what could be bad about that?
“But if the question had said: “do you agree to let the French and Germans run a perpetual €120 billion trade surplus with us, and that we will pay them £14 billion a year for the pleasure of being shafted, and do you agree that we will surrender our sovereignty to the ex-mayor of Luxembour, Guy the Belgium madman and a Brussels court stuffed with communists, and do you agree that the ex-communist nations can solve their problems by sending their unemployed here to collect the exact same benefits as you get, and do you agree that the Chancellor of Germany can unilaterally invite a mass migration of millions of uneducated and often violent third world peoples to come to Europe, and the UK will be expected to take its share?
“Well if this had been the question I can guarantee that my Dad would have been rolling on the floor in a fit of laughter – in fact you would have heard a belly laugh so loud up and down this country that it would have sounded like an earthquake – the great people of this country have been conned into an EU alleyway for the most monumental mugging and now they want to hand out a punishment beating on top.”
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