El Fin del Mundo~

We keep going back to ‘The End of the World.’

This poppy was as big as a salad plate!

This was our third visit, but this time we were joined by our adult children for the holidays, which made it the best ever.

Ushuaia Argentina is the southern-most city in the world,

and can be accessed via the stunning Beagle Channel and Tierra del Fuego.

The city is surrounded by the towering glacier-rich Andes cordillera (spine), which was shrouded with clouds on this visit.

This part of the world is a wildlife and birders paradise and I will post some critters next.

Not too many people come here, but those who do are rewarded with vast tracks of open spaces and pristine nature everywhere.

Cheers to you from The End of the World~

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It Is Not Just Israel Muslims Claim

Beyond the Cusp

It’s the entire world. But perhaps we should start small and work our way to the entirety of reality. Their current concentration is focused on the crown jewel of the world, Jerusalem itself. There is another name for Jerusalem, which lives in the heart of Judaism, Zion. The very meaning behind Zionism and the Muslims know this, for that is why they make it their central demand as their capital. The idea is to deny the Jews their own nation, self-rule and the right to have an army with which to defend themselves. Yasser Arafat made the original statement that has become the mantra for the Jerusalem is holy only to the followers of Allah when he threatened, “A million Shaheeds will march on Jerusalem.” Thusfar there have been no marches by Shaheeds on Jerusalem, but there has been the normative response to President Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as since…

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What Difference Do “Days of Rage” Make?

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Last week, after President Trump recognizing the reality that Jerusalem is the Capital of Israel, though also adding enough qualifiers so as not to actually change anything other than making clear that, at the very least, half of Jerusalem will be the Capital of Israel, the Arabs on all borders and within Israel announced three Days of Rage. Perhaps a little clarity would be of some assistance. Every Friday afternoon the Arabs in Judea and Samaria have demonstrations at specific locations where they act against Israeli security forces, IDF, Border Police and regular police, with varying degrees of violence from shouting curses and spitting to throwing rocks often using slings of the variety with which David slew Goliath or even shooting at the Israeli forces from behind rock throwing children so as to get movies of Israeli security forces firing rubber bullets presumably at the children with the people with…

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Swedish government gives Muslim migrant child rapist custody of children

The Swedish authorities, recognizing that Islamic law allows for child marriage, apparently determined that not to give the father custody of the children, also as per Islamic law, would be “Islamophobic.” The Swedish authorities know who their new masters are. Their coming subjugation is a state they have freely chosen for themselves.

“Swedish government gives Iraqi child rapist custody of children,” Voice of Europe, January 30, 2018:

Alicia — whose identity is protected and therefore uses a pseudonym— was only 12 years old when she was married off, raped and thereafter became a mother. Now, her husband and rapist has reportedly been granted custody of their two children

The girl, who comes from an immigrant family living in Gothenburg, Sweden, was made pregnant with twins by the man at the age of thirteen. After a ruling by the Stockholm District Court, the state has chosen to give the rapist custody.

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The Expanding Umbrella of Anti-Semitism

The famous expression “Never Again” was coined after the world, during World War II, almost exterminated its Jewish population. But instead of anti-Semitism being eradicated, a worldwide rebellion against the people who gave us the Ten Commandments continues today, and has now expanded to include other groups.

While the Jewish people are still at its center, there are now also violent protests, hatred and rejection cleverly camouflaged as demonstrations against supposed “bigots,” and “hate groups” — meaning not only those who support Israel and the Jewish people, but also against those who are patriots, who love God, family and country and who want to protect their nation’s sovereignty from the world’s hostile forces. These individuals are now often viewed as evil, mean-spirited or racist.

Anti-Semitism is a bit more complicated than just hating Jews. Much of the world seems always to have been challenged by the values of the Torah, the Gospel and the Ten Commandments. Living according to Biblical standards of good and evil, and treating one’s neighbors as oneself, is not easy for most people. There is a rebellious, dark side of human nature that every generation needs to conquer if we are to maintain a way of life based on the values set forth by the Ten Commandments and the Bible. But in the West’s secular, popular culture of today, generations are being brought up believing that these values stand in the way of “progress,” however that is variously defined.

Many people seem to think that the values of the Ten Commandments and the Bible are universal; that most people happily agree with them and are eager to adopt them. There seems, on the contrary, to be no shortage of individuals — largely in the worlds of politics, entertainment and academia — eager to find excuses to violate them while at the same time judging others by standards they would not dream of applying to themselves.

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