Germany, Austria: Imams Warn Muslims Not to Integrate

In the debate on migrants in Germany and Austria, no other term is used more often than “integration.” But the institution that is most important for many Muslim migrants does not generally contribute much to this effort — and often actively fights it: the mosque. That is the finding of an official Austrian study as well as private research conducted by a German journalist.

In late September, the Austrian Integration Fund (ÖIF), a department of the foreign ministry published a study, “The role of the mosque in the integration process”. For the purposes of the study, employees of the ÖIF visited 16 mosques in Vienna, attended several Friday sermons and spoke with the individual imams — that is, if the imams were willing to have a conversation, which was often not the case. The result of this, according to the ÖIF, is that only two of the mosque associations foster the integration of their members. The report applauds a Bosnian mosque association that also runs a soccer club. During the discussion, its imam said: “Every country, as with Austria, has its rules and laws and — something I always stress — it is our religious duty to comply with these standards and to integrate accordingly.”

With regard to gender roles, in all of the mosques they visited, the authors were struck by the almost complete absence of women at Friday prayers:

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Germany: Spike in Stabbings

A recent surge in stabbings and knife-related violence across Germany is drawing renewed attention to the deteriorating security situation there since Chancellor Angela Merkel’s 2015 decision to allow in more than a million migrants from Africa, Asia and the Middle East.

In recent months, people armed with knives, axes and machetes have brought devastation to all of Germany’s 16 federal states. Knives have been used not only not only to carry out jihadist attacks, but also to commit homicides, robberies, home invasions, sexual assaults, honor killings and many other types of violent crime.

Knife-related crimes have occurred in amusement parks, bicycle trails, hotels, parks, public squares, public transportation, restaurants, schools, supermarkets and train stations. Many Germans have the sense that danger lurks everywhere; public safety, nowhere.

Police admit they are outnumbered and overwhelmed and increasingly unable to maintain public order — both day and night.

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The Usual Suspects and a New Method

Last week, two events injected energy and excitement into what was beginning to look like an anemic end of the year in the Middle East as far as political developments are concerned.

The first event was the decision by the Saudi leadership to create a new mechanism to deal with alleged cases of corruption, embezzlement and influence-peddling.

The sheer number of cases referred to a special court on those charges was enough to capture the headlines. The fact that the 208 people under investigation included princes, prominent bureaucrats, and business tycoons intensified the event’s headline-grabbing potential.

But what really attracted world attention was the unexpectedness of the Saudi move.

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Germany: Hamburg University imposes ban on Muslim Prayers and Muslims washing their feet

haria is not welcome in Hamburg University.
Muslims are outraged after Hamburg University imposes religious ban after complaints about Muslims.
The move was reportedly prompted by complaints about students praying too loudly in the library, and using the bathrooms to wash their feet.
Please write in the comments below: What do you think about this?

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Watch: British Islamists throw eggs at female Muslim Leader for being woman.

Sharia has no place in Britain.
Muslims threw eggs at her British Muslim leader for being a woman
Under Sharia law a woman is considered half of a man, in countries like Saudi Arabia and Iran a woman is not considered a human being but a property.
Under Sharia law there is no freedom, no equality, no women’s rights, no children’s rights, no minority rights.
Sharia law is incompatible with Western values.

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