Fatah-Hamas Reconciliation: Resistance as an Expression of Faith

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: There is an expectation that the reconciliation trend between Fatah and Hamas will lead to the disarmament of the resistance, but the idea of resistance will remain whether it is armed or not.

The reconciliation trend between Fatah and Hamas has raised the question of disarming Hamas of its weapons of resistance. Yet the weapons are merely a physical manifestation of the idea of resistance. Even if the weapons are dismantled, the idea will remain.

The term “al-muqawama” is translated as “resistance” in English, but some of its meaning eludes translation. The concept in Arabic, with its religious baggage, is broader than the active manifestations of actual resistance.

In essence, the idea of ​​resistance expresses the duty of the believer to act to promote an eternal religious vision. Maimonides, whose philosophy was shaped against the backdrop of Islamic philosophy, describes the way a single person’s actions can affect the entire universe:

“Each day, a person should look at the world as equally balanced between merit and sin. A single deed of his will tip the scales one way or another.” (Maimonides, Laws of Teshuva, Chapter 3).

via Fatah-Hamas Reconciliation: Resistance as an Expression of Faith

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