Guardian: “Robert Spencer, a leading American Islamophobe,” cheers Trump for tweeting about jihad violence

In the funhouse mirror that is the Leftist worldview, as indefatigably purveyed by the Guardian, foes of jihad terror and Sharia oppression are “far-right hatemongers,” on par with white supremacists and other “extremists.” Jihad threat? Pah! What’s that?

And so in their latest shoot-the-messenger article about President Trump’s heinous crime of retweeting videos depicting Muslims behaving violently in accord with the teachings of Islam, the Guardian anoints me “a leading American Islamophobe,” and in a clear lapse of editorial judgment, actually quotes me pointing out that Britain really does have a jihad problem, and so getting angry at Trump for pointing it out is as ridiculous as it is suicidal.

Doesn’t Ed Pilkington know that actually quoting those at whom he is slinging mud might awaken even the most thoroughly indoctrinated Guardian reader to the truth? Back to J-school with you, Ed!

Meanwhile, how did it come to be that opposing jihad terror made one such an international villain? Shouldn’t every sane person oppose jihad mass murder and the oppression of women, non-Muslims and others that Sharia mandates? Find out how we entered this particular funhouse, and how we can get out of it, in my new book Confessions of an Islamophobe. Order your copy here now.

via Guardian: “Robert Spencer, a leading American Islamophobe,” cheers Trump for tweeting about jihad violence

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