Ayaan Hirsi Ali: Robert Spencer “has outed all the tricks they use in their taqiyyah bag to disinform the public”

Here is what Ayaan Hirsi Ali has to say about my forthcoming book, Confessions of an Islamophobe (coming next week from Bombardier Books; pre-order here now):

No one has upset the Islamophobia cabal more than Robert Spencer. First, he knows more about Islamic doctrine than they do. Next, he has outed all the tricks they use in their taqiyyah bag to disinform the public. Finally and most importantly, Robert will not be cowed. Please read this important book and make sure you share it with as many people as possible.

I’ve denied being an Islamophobe for years, while the charge has been relentlessly thrown at me. In Confessions of an Islamophobe, I explain this dichotomy: Leftists and Islamic supremacists for years have conflated under the term “Islamophobia” two quite distinct phenomena: vigilante attacks against innocent Muslims, which are never justified or justifiable, and honest analysis of the motivating ideology of the jihad threat. I reject the former, but if the latter is “Islamophobic,” then call me an Islamophobe. If it’s “Islamophobic” to note that the texts and teachings of Islam contain numerous exhortations to warfare against unbelievers, and that those exhortations are codified in Islamic law, and that women, gays, Jews, Christians, secular liberals and secular Muslims are threatened by those acting upon those teachings, then every sane human being should be an “Islamophobe.”

via Ayaan Hirsi Ali: Robert Spencer “has outed all the tricks they use in their taqiyyah bag to disinform the public”

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