Charlie Chaplin’s 125th Birthday

Today is Charlie Chaplin’s 125th birthday – A Good Day to Recollect his 3 Heart Touching Statements: 今天是英國笑將卓別林125歲冥誕—勾起人們想起他動人心弦的3句話:

(1) Nothing is Permanent in this World, not even our Troubles. (1)世事無常,甚至我們的困境也是不常在。

(2) I like Walking in the Rain, because NoBody can see my Tears. (2)我喜歡在雨中行走,因為沒有人會看到我的淚水。

 LIFE is to Enjoy with Whatever you have with You, Keep Smiling…! 人生就是享受您擁有的一切,並保持笑容!

If you feel STRESSED, Give yourself A Break. 感覺有壓力,就讓自己休息。

Enjoy Some.. Icecream/ Choclates/ Candy/ Cake… 享受一些–冰淇淋/巧克力/糖果/蛋糕等等。

Why…?為什麼? B’Coz…因為: STRESSED backwards spelling is DESSERTS…!! Enjoy…! 壓力,英文倒過來拼就是點心!! 享受罷! Very Beautiful lines Pls Store it. 非常美麗的小品,務請收存。

ONE Good FRIEND is equal to ONE Good Medicine…! Likewise ONE Good Group is equal to ONE Full medical store…!! 一個好朋友等同一劑良藥! 同理,一個好的群組等同一整間藥房!

Six Best Doctors in the World…. 世上有6個良醫:





5.Self Confidence 自信


Maintain them in all stages of Life and enjoy healthy life…! 終其一生時時刻刻擁抱他們,享受健康的人生!

If you see the Moon… You see the Beauty of God…..! If you see the Sun…! You see the power of God…. And…. If you see the Mirror, You see the Best Creation of GOD…! So, Believe in YOURSELF.

We all are Tourists & God is our Travel Agent Who has already fixed all our Routes, Reservations & Destinations So…. Trust him & Enjoy the “Trip” called LIFE…!!

Life will never come Again.!! Live Today..! 人生無法重來! 活在當下!


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