Terrorists, Victims, or Both? The Children of ISIS Return

hey learn to count by attending public lashings. By the age of 9, they know how to use a gun, make a bomb, and torture prisoners. They have been raised to know that Allah hates the infidel, and rewards those who kill unbelievers, the men and women living in the West. They are the children of ISIS. And now Europe prepares for their arrival.

With the fall of the Islamic State, countries across the globe anticipate the return of so-called “foreign fighters,” those who joined ISIS and its jihad from outside its strongholds in Syria and Iraq – about 6,000 of them from Europe, America, Australia, and elsewhere in the West, according to 2015 figures. And among them are an unknown number of young children, some of whom traveled there with their parents, others who were born there.

Because the Islamic State prohibits birth control, and because birth certificates issued there are not recognized in the rest of the world, it is impossible to know how many children might now try to enter European and other countries, and whether they are legitimate citizens by birth. The first task, then, will be for governments to do DNA testing to ensure that these children are in fact the progeny of the men and women who travel with them. Only then will the children be allowed entry.

This, however, is the easy part. The bigger question is, what happens next?

via Terrorists, Victims, or Both? The Children of ISIS Return

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