Crushing Free Speech: How the Left Silences Dissent and How We Can Fight Back


That there is a tsunami of hate directed at the right is indisputable. While the Left claims to be “tolerant” and to embrace “diversity,” those claims are a part of the deception in service of their warfare against any kind of ideological dissent.

Join AFA in our powerhouse event addressing the various ways in which these dissenting voices are being silenced. From social media’s obstruction of conservative voices, to YouTube’s systematic refusal to monetize conservative videos, to Google’s manipulation of search results, to the media’s being a propaganda vehicle for the Left generally, we see daily their all-too-effective domination of civic discourse. Add to this the deliberately destructive and increasingly violent Antifa, BLM and the most pernicious of all, the SPLC and we have a perfect storm of their efforts to monopolize the narrative in every domain.

After AFA’s recent inclusion on the SPLC’s hate list and their slanderous and vile attacks against even our California conference, as well as their personal attacks on our speakers, we have been exploring various options for fighting back. In a battle as obscenely asymmetric as this one, we turned to what we do best: inform, expose, and inspire each of us to take action however we can to fight back against the outrageous hate from groups like them.

And thus, this conference was born. We are putting the SPLC in the context of what they do: a decades-long, systematic and deceitful campaign of hate against those whose beliefs differ from theirs and which uses tactics that are rooted in Maoism and Stalinism.

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