New Swedish Children’s Book: Grandpa Has 4 Wives

The norming of sharia and Islamic misogyny into Swedish society. Indoctrinating the children is crucial.
Muslim conquest of Europe is expressed in children’s books, indoctrinating children to accept Sharia law.

Grandpa (in Somalia) Has 4 Wives
Hat tip Fria Tider and Isak via (thanks to Gary Fouse):

Grandpa has 4 wives

That’s the title of a new children’s book that is just hitting the shelves in Sweden. It is bi-lingual, Swedish and Somalian, and targeted for a children’s audience between 3-6 years. The writer is Oscar Trimbel. He is also the author of another new children’s book entitled, (in Swedish) Grandma is no ghost (referring to her burka). The stories concern a Somali-Swedish children meeting their Somali grandparents for the first time and the cultural differences they see There is quite a stir over the release of these books. The latter book is being criticized because many feel it is promoting polygamy among Swedish children who read the book.

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6 thoughts on “New Swedish Children’s Book: Grandpa Has 4 Wives

  1. Laws and customs have been changed to accommodate expats in the gulf, as well as other regions of the world. Either you’re ignorant of reality, or in denial of it.

  2. Is this book aimed at the Muslim or non-Muslim community?

    If the former what is the problem? Are Muslims not allowed to promote Islamic values and beliefs now to their own children? Should Muslim children be forcibly indoctrinated if they differ from wider society and do you apply this to other minorities like Jews?

    If the latter, once again what is the problem? The west proclaims freedom of speech, and the right for all to promote their ideas even if disagreed with by others.

    Please explain to me, using your own values why this is something wrong and if wrong why it should be stopped.

    • The fundamental laws and customs of the host, not the guest, must always hold sway in the real world. Bring up the children to disregard that fundamental principle at your peril.

      • So you are going to be writing a blog post about the western expats living it up large in the gulf next right?

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