Plant a Pig

The Spaniards’ Brilliant Idea !!



In Seville Spain, local people found a way to…stop the construction of another mosque in their town. They buried a pig on the site, and made sure this would be known by the local press.

The Islamic rules forbid the erecting of a Mosque on “pig soiled ground.

The Muslims had to cancel the project. This land was sold to them by government officials.
No protests were needed by the local people,
and…it worked!

Plant a pig

In Texas they have an over abundance of feral pigs. They could send them all over the country, and…just plant them everywhere!

Americans, put on your thinking caps, and lets find a solution to this problem of a spreading menace to the American way of life! If pigs are the answer, lets do it!

Let’s keep this going! Send it on!

Maybe we could get someone…to Plant a pig at the White House !

Just thinking !!



Canadian government says 300,000 illegal migrants a year is Canada’s ‘new normal’

Canadian Minister says 300,000 new immigrants a year is Canada’s ‘new normal’.
Tens of thousands of Syrian “refugees” were brought into Canada by Justin Trudeau Government without checking their background.
Canadian PM, Justin Trudeau, invited Illegal immigrants to invade Canada in a post he wrote on Twitter.
All they have to do is to get into Montreal through the world’s longest undefended border.
Canada is now facing an immigration crisis.
Do you support an open borders policy? Please write “yes” or “no” in the comments below.

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France: The New Collaborators: And How to Protect France, Europe, the West

A few days ago Abdelkader Merah, the brother of the Islamic terrorist who gunned down four Jews in Toulouse in 2012, went on trial, charged with complicity in terrorism. “Beginning in 2012, we entered an age of terrorism, where before we believed ourselves protected; it was a turning point in French history”, said Mathieu Guidere, a professor of Islamic studies in Paris.

Since then, France has faced severe challenges by Islamic fundamentalists in Europe. French President Emmanuel Macron is now trying to manage a terrible situation: some 350 Islamic terrorists currently sit in prisons; 5,800 are under police surveillance; an additional 17,000 have been classified as a “potential threat”, while since 2015, more than 240 lives have been lost to jihadi terrorists.

It seems that France has decided to accept what it might see as unavoidable: the Islamic takeover of parts of the country. This view is reflected in the very idea of a “state of emergency”. France’s lower house of parliament just passed a new anti-terrorism law, taking measures which have been in place for two years under a previous “state of emergency” and enshrining them into law.

After the murderous January of 2015 attack on the offices of the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, Macron’s predecessor, President François Hollande, officially declared that “France is at war“. Until now, however, the war has been fought only on one side, by the Islamic fundamentalists.

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Watch: Kuwaiti MP calls to declare war on Russia “We (Muslims) spit on Putin” over the Russian military intervention in Syria.

Kuwaiti MP Waleed Tabtabaie and Colleagues Demonstrate Opposite Syrian Embassy: “We Spit on Putin and the Russian Ambassador” over the Russian military support for Assad’s regime in Syria.
More than 500,000 people were killed in the Syrian civil war. The Christian community completely disappeared from Iraq and Syria after brutal Islamic persecution by ISIS and other jihadist organizations.
The war in Syria is almost over, Syrian refugees in the West should get ready to return to their homeland to rebuild it.

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William and Mary Law Professor Warns Child Marriage Robs American Youth of Education and Prosperity

This month, the AHA Foundation spoke with William & Mary Law Professor, Vivian Hamilton. Professor Hamilton received her Bachelor’s from Yale University and her J.D. from Harvard Law School. She then clerked for Judge Gladys Kessler of the U.S. District Court for Washington, D.C., and later practiced law at Steptoe & Johnson LLC and D.C. Legal Aid Society. She has taught law at several colleges, such as American University Washington College of Law and West Virginia University School of Law. She now specializes in teaching Civil Procedure, Education Law, Family Law, and Race & Law at William & Mary Law School.

Her research is interdisciplinary and examines law and policy affecting adolescents and emerging adults. She is author of one of the renowned publications on the dangers of child marriage in the United States, The Age of Marital Capacity: Reconsidering Civil Recognition of Adolescent Marriage. We had the opportunity to ask her about her thoughts on child marriage in the United States and particularly the legislation on child marriage being discussed in Florida.

AHA Foundation: What made you interested in researching child marriage?

Professor Vivian Hamilton: I research adolescents’ competencies and deficiencies in a range of decision-making contexts (voting, for example), and the ways in which our laws do or don’t account for the characteristics typical of this developmental stage. Entering marriage has been one of the decision-making contexts that I’ve studied.

AHA Foundation: Could you describe some of the work you have done surrounding child marriage?

Professor Vivian Hamilton: In addition to writing about it, I’ve helped draft bills raising the minimum marriage age. I’ve spoken to lawmakers and also testified at committee hearings to share my research with them.

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The malevolent guest at London’s Balfour dinner

When Labour party leader Jeremy Corbyn refused to attend this week’s dinner in London to mark the centenary of the Balfour Declaration, a dinner to which Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been invited as the guest of Britain’s Prime Minister Theresa May, Corbyn said Labour’s shadow foreign secretary Emily Thornberry would attend in his place.

Now remarks made by Thornberry inescapably imply that, like Corbyn, she too regrets the fact that Israel was ever created. Instead she supports its mortal enemies whose agenda remains Israel’s destruction.

In an interview published today with the Middle East Eye news site, Thornberry said the UK should not celebrate the Balfour Declaration, which pledged Britain’s support for a Jewish national home, because there is not yet a Palestinian state.

“I don’t think we celebrate the Balfour Declaration but I think we have to mark it because I think it was a turning point in the history of that area and I think probably the most important way of marking it is to recognise Palestine.”

And she went on to blame Israel for the fact that there was no state of Palestine.

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Greece, Israel, and China’s “Belt and Road” Initiative

Executive Summary: 

This paper assesses Chinese relations with Israel and Greece since the announcement of the “Belt and Road” initiative. China’s initiative signals the continuation and expansion of a pre-existing incremental policy that aims to strengthen its economic and geopolitical roles, though Beijing’s long-term approach remains unclear.

The Belt and Road initiative does not immediately bring Greece and Israel closer. But it gives the two countries an opportunity to discuss China’s new role in the Mediterranean and to maximize bilateral relationships with Beijing without challenging their pro-West orientation. This is slowly becoming a necessity because of China’s emerging strategy and growing interest in energy projects in Greece and the eastern Mediterranean

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