Schlussel Sues Ann Arbor to Stop Sharia, ID Muslim Hate Crime Hoaxer Who Blamed Trump – HOW YOU CAN HELP

I’m proud to announce that I’ve filed suit against the City of Ann Arbor, Michigan and its police department to get them to release the name of the Muslim female hate crime hoaxer who falsely claimed that Donald Trump’s election caused her to be attacked. It never happened, but authorities gave her a pass and declined to prosecute her, while they did prosecute a non-Muslim hate crime hoaxer who committed the same crime. An innocent homeless White male whom she falsely accused almost went to jail, and the Muslim hate crime hoaxer may be an illegal alien. The City of Ann Arbor won’t tell me the Muslim woman’s name or why they won’t make her face justice. Now, I’m trying to make them face justice and the Muslim woman face the court of public opinion and the disinfectant of sunlight. And you can help me do it.

What I am exposing in Ann Arbor (and in my other lawsuit against Dearbornistan Heights) is a preview of what will happen all over America, as the Muslim population increases and we continue to give up freedom and democracy because Muslims here demand it. I need your help to turn the tide. Here are the details on what I’m doing and what you can do to help.

The next time you hear anyone in the media or any politician claim that there is no sharia (Islamic law) in America, think of my lawsuit, Debbie Schlussel v. City of Ann Arbor (read the complaint filed by my awesome lawyer Dan Lehman). It is Exhibit A that Muslim-controlled American cities or those with large Muslim populations (and spineless politicians, police, and prosecutors eager to please them) do, in fact, practice sharia; do, in fact, engage in codified, established discrimination against non-Muslims and in favor of Muslims; do, in fact, choose Islamic law over laws made through the democratic process; and do, in fact, choose the koran over the United States Constitution. Sharia law means special treatment of Muslims vis-à-vis everybody else. What the City of Ann Arbor did in this case strongly illustrates all of this in action.

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