Sacrificing Kurds Along with Iraq to Iran

Beyond the Cusp

Currently the world and particularly the United States are all concerned with and paying tunnel-vision-style attention on North Korea and ignoring, as a consequence, Iran. This will prove to be a mistake which the world can ill afford. The current actions, backed by Iran and given a nod of agreement by the United States, are moving to take complete control over Mosul and pushing the Kurdish forces further north. The Kurds had been intending, if we read them correctly, to maintain forces in Mosul and retain the city rejoining it to their area of control as it had been a Kurdish stronghold and center of culture before Saddam Hussein forced the Kurdish from the city and flooding it with Sunni Arabs. Now the Iraqi government with strong IRGC support from Iran is once again forcing the Kurds from Mosul and this time placing Shiites in Mosul along with trusted and…

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