Security chief says UK is home to 35,000 Islamic jihadis

The European Union’s counter-terrorism coordinator, Gilles de Kerchove, “singled out the UK as having more radicalised Muslims than any other country in Europe,” with as many “35,000 fanatical Islamists.” France has around 17,000, he says, and other areas of Europe, “tens of thousands.”

This is what trusted authorities are subjecting their citizens to in the UK and elsewhere in the West. It is an appalling neglect of duty. De Kerchove also issues a dire warning:

that radicals were increasingly using the islamic concept of “taqiyya” – concealing their religious beliefs from those around them – in order to prevent detection.

Aiding jihadists even more is the abuse of the word “Islamophobia,” which aims to shut down criticism of Islam and beat up critics.

Britain is also home to up to a million young girls being raped by Muslim grooming gangs, and some 85 sharia courts, which are returning women to abuse in “marital captivity.”

Meanwhile, this has been reported about Hungary and Poland: “no refugees, no terror”.

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3 thoughts on “Security chief says UK is home to 35,000 Islamic jihadis

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  2. This is very interesting, but Christine Williams is Public Affairs and Media Consultant to the International Christian Embassy in Jerusalem Canada. I do have to wonder about the statistics/agenda? Personally I hope she has no agenda apart from reporting the truth and I could be doing the girl a complete misjustice by saying that. But, I remember reading an article some years ago that stated vitamin pills were a complete waste of time and that they just passed straight through your body. Then I discovered that the article had been commissioned by pharmaceutical companies. Hmmm. One million young girls being raped in the UK seems extremely high? That has to be somewhere near 10% of all young girls. Anyway, still an interesting post and you have alerted me to the presence of Christine Williams I’ll see what else she has to say and maybe it will quell my scepticism, thank you Oyia 🙂

    • Yes, it is very hard to assess the validity of some of these statistics. But, it is better to overstate than to understate. We must give the widest publicity to these unimaginable horrors to counteract the masking with political correctness. Call a spade a spade! Thanks.

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