A Fisherman’s Tale

A newly wed fisherman’s wife sees her husband sleeping on the couch. Bored, she decides to take the boat on a ride around the lake. She goes forward a bit, then drops the anchor and reads a book in peace. A short while later, an officer of the coast guard appears and stops besides her. 

“Good morning, ma’am, what are you doing?”

“I’m reading a book.” Answered the surprised woman. Couldn’t he see that, she thought.

“I’m afraid this is a no fishing area.” The officer notified her.

fishing woman boat joke

“I’m sorry officer but I’m not fishing, I’m clearly reading.”

“Yes but you can start at any second, you have all the right equipment. I’m going to have to take you to the station and fill out a complaint.”

“OK, but if you do that I will have to give my own complaint about you sexually assaulting me!”

“But..” splattered the surprised office, “I never touched you!”

“Yes that’s true,” Replied the woman, “but you can start at any second, you have all the equipment…

Israeli Response and the Mexican Earthquakes

Beyond the Cusp

There actually is life outside of politics and sometimes it becomes more challenging and fraught with agony, tragedy, fears, hopes, frightening possibilities and a few slivers of hope. That would be one way of describing this past month in Mexico where they have been struck by a series of devastating earthquakes with perhaps Mexico City feeling the hardest strikes. Nations have sent their teams to assist with the recovery and searching for survivors in the aftermath and, as usual, Israel is amongst those nations. Israel dispatched their Israeli Defense Force (IDF) specialty teams and they are on the ground working with the Mexican authorities and coordinating with other units to maximize their assistance. Below is a short video showing, amongst other items, the reception they received upon their arrival in the hard hit center of Mexico City.

IDF Rescue Efforts in Mexico IDF Rescue Efforts in Mexico

These IDF soldiers of mercy have left their…

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Why Iran’s Plan in Syria Will Fail

For the past week or so, Iranian official media and social networks have been abuzz with anecdotes woven around a football match in Tehran between Iran and Syria and the light it might shed on a complicated relationship.

According to most accounts, a group of Syrians flown in by special charter to cheer their national squad in its bid for a place in the World Cup in Moscow staged an anti-Iran demonstration in the stadium. The Syrian contingent included young ladies who refused to wear the Iranian-style hijab.

Their presence in the stadium highlighted the fact that no Iranian woman is allowed to attend a football match after a fatwa by the “Supreme Guide” that women watching young men running around with bare legs might cause “undue excitement”

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UK: How Much More Abuse of Children Do We Permit?

London Mayor Sadiq Khan, who is also chairman of Transport for London (TfL), has issued a belated apology for depicting — in an advertisement launched by the Children’s Traffic Club London (created by TfL to promote traffic safety) — a small girl in a headscarf as representative of a Muslim minor. In Islam, headscarves are not usually worn until a girl has reach puberty. The Independent reported: “TfL apologised for any offence caused and said the images will be removed from the campaign. London Mayor Sadiq Khan, chair of TfL, also apologised for the campaign”.

The apology, however, sounds more like just lip service: none of the British authorities has bothered to notice the escalating trend of making Muslim baby girls wear a veil.

It took a campaign advertisement to make them realize how a headscarf, the hijab, a symbol of modesty, might be abusive to the minor girls by seemingly sexualizing them at an early age.

Muslim parents of these baby girls, as well as the schools run by Muslims, are mainly responsible for the increase in the frequency of veils for increasing younger girls, even though to may, the requirement is nothing short of a child abuse.

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