The Task Ahead

The two guys in today’s cartoon are explaining the view of early Marxist Zionist Dov Ber Borochov. He argued that Russian society (and others) was built like a three-layered pyramid. The massive base was made up of the oppressed peasants. The tiny top layer were the Kings. With time the angry peasants would rebel and overthrow the King, so the Kings built a buffer layer to protect themselves from the peasants. The Jews were this in-between layer. When the anger of the peasants rose, their violence was directed against the Jews (who, by the King’s rules were banned from professions which would allow them to escape the buffer layer above the peasant class). Peasants would direct their anger against the Jews instead of the King. After sufficient blood-letting, the murderous anti-Jewish pogroms were stopped by the King, restoring the stability of the pyramid, the safety of the king, feeding the antisemitic hatred of the peasants, and keeping the Jews in “their place” as tools of the King.
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