Great Expectations

A man walks into a bar with a large box. He sits down at the bar. Then the bartender goes up to him and asks what’s in the box.

The man says, “I’ll show you, but only if you get me a beer.”

So of course the bartender gets the man a beer. The man drinks it. He pulls out a tiny man from the box, then a tiny piano. The little chap sits down and starts playing the piano with a great deal of skill.

“Wow!” exclaims the bartender. “That’s amazing! Where did you get him from?”

“For another beer, I’ll tell you,” says the man. So the bartender gets the man another beer. The man drinks it and says: “I got it from a genie.”

“Really? A real genie??” says the bartender. “Do you think I could borrow him for one little wish?”

And for another beer the man agrees, but warns: “Speak loudly – he’s 3,000 years old and a little deaf.”

The bartender gets the man another beer. The man drinks it back and hands  the bartender the lamp.

The bartender rubs the lamp and the genie pops out, looking very old. “Master, I grant you one wish. What is it?” says the tired old genie.

“I wish for a million bucks!”

All of a sudden a million ducks start flying into the room. “What the heck is this?!? I wished for a million bucks not a million ducks!” shouts the bartender in anger.

And the man says: “Boo hoo! Do you think I wished for a 12 inch pianist?”
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Please send me, as a comment to this page, any old material you have for inclusion in The Daily Joke Alert - to help enable us all to have our fancy tickled regularly! Never mind the state it's in as I tidy everything up prior to publication. Don't let good material go to waste - and so much does. In the interests of the environment we should always try to re-cycle everything, especially jokes. You know that makes sense! You may find some historical stuff here, but this does not really matter as humor is fairly timeless.

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