Outside the bubble

Fascinating to hear Dr Sebastian Gorka, deputy assistant to President Trump, on the BBC Today programme on Friday morning (0750)

With the presenter’s voice and the phrasing of his questions reflecting the premise from which all BBC coverage of the Trump presidency starts – that it is a total disaster and has achieved nothing apart from really awful things like the military transgender ban and is about to junk the US constitution for rule by junta and that the White House is engulfed by unbridled chaos – Gorka did not allow the flawed core assumptions to pass unchallenged.

To the charge that outside the White House “bubble” things weren’t good, he replied that it wasn’t Trump who was in a bubble but his media opponents.

The very claim that Trump is in a bubble illustrated that point. Consider: Trump was elected by 63 million people who voted in a way the media never expected to elect a man who the media had decided was unelectable. They never saw it coming. So just who is in the bubble here and who on Planet Reality?

The Today presenter said even conservative commentators were uneasy about Trump’s criticisms of the Attorney General: Gorka said these weren’t conservative at all but “establishment”, a significant difference.

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