Who is the Real Owner Here?

During one of the previous cycles of Muslim violence in Jerusalem, Sheikh Ichrima Zabri, then Mufti of Jerusalem and Falestin, declared: “We are the owners here!”

He was referring to the Temple Mount.

That declaration accurately sums up the Muslim problem in all of Jerusalem and particularly on the Temple Mount. It should be noted that this is the accepted, not extremist, Islamic approach. Muslims believe that Islam, not Judaism, is the proprietor of Jerusalem and the Temple Mount.

This is what lies behind the Muslim refusal to go through metal detectors placed by the police at the Temple Mount entrances. Allowing Israel to require Muslims to be checked along with everyone else ascending the mount proves that Israel and the Jews are the proprietors. Muslims are incapable of accepting this – they believe  Judaism is a “fake religion” (Din Bat’l) and only Islam is the “true religion” (Din Chak). Jews can only live under Islamic protection as “dhimmis,” with limited rights, most definitely not including the existence of an army and police force with the power to tell Muslims what to do.

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