Deadly Tale: Christian Converts from Islam

It is currently being spouted through all forms of media — impossible to ignore — you will hear claims over and over again by many radical Imams, Muslim scholars, and preachers that Islam is a religion of inclusiveness, that anyone can become a Muslim just by muttering a few words. It seems quite simple, right?

This is not new. I grew up hearing all these claims in Iran, under Islamic laws. To uninformed ears, this can sound almost magical. What is important, however, are the many more significant requirements the imams conveniently leave out. Above all, once you become a Muslim, there is no way to turn back. Your faith is under the control of the extremist imams, sheikhs, governments, or simply the community. You cannot just decide to abandon Islam and go back to how you were living. The penalty of attempting this is death.

Additionally, those imams and sheikhs who will have you believe how easy it is to join Islam, claim that Islam accepts Christianity and Judaism (“people of the book”), and that there is absolutely no difference between the Abrahamic religions. Sounds nice to most ears. But it is absolutely false. Let us take a quick look at some people who left Islam for other “Abrahamic” religions, particularly Christianity.

Maryam Naghash Zargaran, a 38 year-old Christian convert from Islam, is currently facing serious health issues in one of the world’s most vicious jails; Evin prison in Tehran.

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5 thoughts on “Deadly Tale: Christian Converts from Islam

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  2. In the Muslim world the punishment for apostasy originated due to the dangerous phenomena of hypocrisy (nifaq) that threatened the community in Medina. Hypocrisy in this sense is not simply failing to live up to one’s stated moral standards, but rather this form of hypocrisy was the deliberate attempt by the enemies of Islam to pretend to be Muslims in order to infiltrate and harm the community. It was that position of faking to be or to belong to a group which was considered dangerous and to be taken action against.

    We also have to consider certain sayings as part of their time (way back or long ago). There were hypocrites in Medina spreading lies and rumors among the Muslims at a time when their unity was most needed. Such acts constituted a serious threat to the security of the community at that time. Therefore, the punishment for apostasy was prescribed in this specific context. It was not prescribed in order to punish the act of unbelief itself, as this is for Allah alone, but rather to protect the Muslims from the conspiracies of their enemies.

    Some later years the Roman Catholic church took even a harsher and more dangerous position, killing all those which stood in their way forgetting more power and more money, as such killing lots of innocent people, under the name of God bringing torture and horror with the Inquisition.

    • This is one reason an urgent ‘reformation’ is required. If historical tenets of faith become outdated they need to be modified and re-written. This would save much heart ache and soul searching.

  3. Whatsoever a religious group which would proclaim once you become a member of it that there there is no way to turn back but that you would have to face the penalty of death, can never be a good place or group to be in or the right religion. Though doubt all Muslims would look at their apostates in such a way that they would be eager to kill them!

    That there is absolutely no difference between the Abrahamic religions is a very great mistake. Certainly when looking at Christendom we can not forget that in that group there is a majority who worships three gods and as such are polytheists though they claim to be monotheists. (Though their sub god Jesus has less attributes in equality with his main god the father, than many sub gods in polytheist groups.) Only the real Christians, the Non-trinitarians worship the same God as the Jews and Muslims, the God of Abraham.

    It would be a shame when a Muslim would become a Christian in one of the Trinitarian denominations. Though when he or she becomes a Christian in one of the many non-trinitarian communities, a Muslim would not be able to find much to be against such a person, because he or she would be worshipping the same God, though not agreeing on all doctrines which would be thought in his or her previous Islamic group, which also would have other ideas than certain other Islamic denominations. It are only the extremist groups which do make a problem of other
    denominations in their own Islamic or their Own Christian denomination.

    Concerning Ms. Zargaran who was arrested in January 2013 and in July 2013 began serving a four-year prison sentence, she seems to belong to a trinitarian organisation which did all efforts to get people away from their faith. Naturally when she did not propagate against the Islamic regime and did not intended to harm national security she should not be detained, but to say she should be honored for he and her group their contributions to society rather than penalized for who they are or what they believe is an other matter.

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