Over 150 Christian Churches Plundered, Destroyed In Kosovo By Muslims

Dateline Kosovo, 05.01.2017: Was the infamous ISIS the first Islamic movement of its egregious kind? Maybe not. Kosovo begs to differ. Ever since NATO and the Clinton Administration engineered the Albanian Muslim takeover of Serbia’s ancient cradle of Christian Kosovo back in 1999, there have been over 150 Christian places of worship in Kosovo plundered, destroyed, burned down and trashed, as it is documented and reported by many sources, including those used for this article’s French documentary program aired in France, which is here reported from a French Catholic website. Numerous Serbian cultural sites in Kosovo were destroyed during and after the Kosovo War. According to the International Center for Transitional Justice, 155 Serbian Orthodox churches and monasteries were destroyed by Kosovo Albanian extremists between June 1999 and March 2004. Kosovo Serb communities and religious and cultural symbols were attacked by crowds of Albanians. Some of these locations were ostensibly under the protection of KFOR [Kosovo Protection Force sent in by NATO] at the time. During the March riots and violence, many dozens of Kosovo Serbians were killed. Among the targets of attack there was the property of cultural and architectural heritage of the Serb people, including 18 monuments of culture, all demolished, burnt or severely damaged. Some of that property was on the list of protected UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Since the NATO takeover of Kosovo after NATO’s victory over Serbia during a 3-month war in 1999, two-thirds of prewar Kosovo Serbs have fled Kosovo (in their hundreds of thousands). Only on the extreme northern edge of Kosovo, near the Serbian border, there is a Kosovo Serb city of Mitrovica where the last important political stronghold of non-Muslims in Kosovo is barely hanging on, with an extremely uncertain future.

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