Iain Duncan Smith: My message to these panic-stricken, self-indulgent Cabinet members. Pull yourselves together.

It is impossible at the moment for two or more Conservatives to gather together without immediately and at some length discussing the recent election. I say ‘discuss’, but that part only follows when the group’s agreed list of Anglo-Saxon expletives and colourful adjectives is exhausted and calm descends on the company. Whilst there is often agreement about many of the more negative reasons, there is less about what we should do going ahead. This is more likely because the results in different parts of the country were seldom uniform.

As John Curtice pointed out recently, the Conservatives in some areas made big strides in gaining what he referred to as blue collar workers, whilst he showed, in other areas, we lost support from more middle class voters who previously voted Conservative. London was, as I wrote during the election, very different from the rest of the UK and requires particularly careful analysis.

However, all this important work which now needs to go on in understanding the result and then rebuilding around that result, so that we have a better chance of winning the next general election, will need a little time. Importantly, we will only get that if we realise what a precarious position we are in and just how important it is that we do not do anything to precipitate an election.

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