Why smoking is good for you. 

But you spoilt it with the last paragraph! (:


Yeh. You read that right. Smoking, an activity loathed by millions and millions globally. And I’m here to tell you why it’s extremely fun and about it’s enjoyable consequences. Allow me to mention a few ridiculously amazing benifits of this absolutely healthy extravaganza.

  • Premature Aging : Perfect remedy for someone who often gets told that look too young for thier age. In time, you can confidently walk with your dry, wrinkles skin and yellow teeth like a mf-ing boss.
  • You’re a danger to others : Why not kill others while you gradually die too? After all you can’t leave your friends out here to enjoy when you’re about to go extinct. Unacceptable.
  • Diseases : Provides you with different form(s) of cancer (s) and other issues. Faultless and a fabulous way to ruin your health and deprive your parent of money for your necessary treatments. Yay!
  • Cost : If you know…

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