The Violence Inherent in the System

If a right-wing supporter of President Trump had targeted Democrats for assassination, as Dennis Prager contended, the establishment media would have made it the dominant issue in American life. In reality, James Hodgkinson was a leftist supporter of socialist Bernie Sanders, a gutless hatemonger who gunned down Republicans while they played baseball, seriously wounding Rep. Steve Scalise. Only swift action by police prevented multiple murders.

As Daniel Greenfield noted, the left has been mounting a surge of hateful rhetoric, calling for Republicans to be “lined up and shot” and so forth. This was bound to translate into action, but the dynamic goes back to an event soon to mark a 100-year anniversary.

In October 1917, as war raged in Europe, the Bosheviks took over Russia, the largest country on earth. They did not, as some believe, “overthrow the Tsar,” but toppled a provisional government that was Russia’s first inkling of democracy. They preferred bullets over ballots and quickly established the Cheka to eliminate political opponents, including rival socialists.

Reportedly on direct orders from Lenin, Bolshevik troops shot, bayoneted and clubbed to death Tsar Nicholas, his wife Alexandra, and their children Olga, Tatiana, Maria, Anastasia and Alexi. The troops then burned the mutilated bodies.

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