Can There Ever Be Trust Again?

Beyond the Cusp

Despite what is being written and stated by much of the media in the United States, Germany and across the remainder of Europe by the media, there must be some relieved leaders and military commanders in much of Europe and in the Sunni states of MENA and, of course, Israel to have the United States reaching out to many of her more traditional allies. The United States had its nervous breakdown, where anybody that was perceived by the administration under President Obama of being or supporting European colonialization or could be guilty of privilege were considered as an enemy who had to be belittled and brought low, and the winner of the lottery of life ended up being an ally who despised the same nations as President Obama’s White House, which was Iran. This became an obsession and was to become the pinnacle of President Obama’s foreign policy to equal…

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Hoodwinking the Kuffar

When long-standing Palestinian Authority (PA) president Mahmoud Abbas met US President Donald Trump on May 7, he came out with what we British call a whopper, a huge lie. Here is what Abbas said with a straight face:

“Mr. President, I affirm to you that we are raising our youth, our children, our grandchildren on a culture of peace. And we are endeavoring to bring about security, freedom and peace for our children to live like the other children in the world, along with the Israeli children, in peace, freedom and security.”

We expect politicians to lie out of all sides of their mouths, to use doublespeak in order to seduce citizens to vote for them. Whether they be government officials or opposition hopefuls, a certain amount of economy with the truth is par for the course. Political analysts and well-informed journalists know this, of course, and work hard to untangle these webs. Facts matter. Sources make a difference. And in democratic countries that value free speech and the freedom of the press, politicians are held to account. Not many falsehoods get off Scot-free, and serial liars are regularly brought to book.

Politicians and their spokespeople know this, however, and do their best to keep their lies within reasonable bounds, even when making promises they have no real desire to fulfil. Abbas’s lies, however, are so gargantuan as to be in a league of their own. There, the exact opposite is true, and thousands of videos, texts, and recorded radio broadcasts show that the PA, the PLO, Fatah and Abbas himself have, over the years done their utmost to teach Palestinian children to hate and prepare themselves for violence against Jews.

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The Telegraph – Election Bulletin

Good evening.

Politicians are united in their sorrow in the wake of the Grenfell Tower fire, but they have been restricted in how they can respond to it by the fact that Parliament is not yet in session. The State Opening of Parliament will take place next Wednesday, so MPs could only discuss the blaze today in Westminster Hall, while cautious Commons officials – unsure of the filming protocol – only allowed some of their speeches to be broadcast on TV. Theresa May ordered a full public inquiry into the fire after paying a private visit to emergency service teams on the ground. The Prime Minister said that this move was needed to ensure that “ this terrible tragedy is properly investigated”. However, her low-key visit to Grenfell Tower meant that Jeremy Corbyn easily stole the spotlight by visiting survivors on camera. The Labour leader was seen hugging one resident, and was told by another that “the country needs you”.

Meanwhile, Mrs May is fighting to get her Government going. Her talks with the Democratic Unionist Party are “progressing well”, a No 10 source said, “and there is broad agreement on the principles of the Queen’s Speech”. The delay means that the occasion will fall in the middle of Royal Ascot Week, which Tory MPs are aware is likely to irk her Majesty.

The political climate has worsened for Mrs May, with the polls showing that she is now personally more unpopular among the public than Jeremy Corbyn, but Sir Anthony Seldon suggests her fortunes could improve. “She has rarely looked comfortable since arriving at Number 10 in July 2016 and her self-confidence drained. But she remains a figure of real integrity and good judgement, and more genuinely humble in origins and personality than Corbyn,” he writes. “She could yet steer the country well through the difficult waters ahead as a figure who can lead in the national interest. May Mark II might prove the most successful period of her premiership.”

The Tories have yet to finalise their deal with the DUP, so why have they named the date on which they’ll unveil their supposedly DUP-backed programme? This could be a sign of bravado by ministers, suggesting that they are ready to get on with governing as a minority administration without a deal if talks fail. However, Downing Street seems to be keen to secure the DUP’s support, as Whitehall sources now blame the delay on “nitpicking” by Philip Hammond and the Treasury. Tory MP Laurence Robertson, former chair of the Northern Ireland Affairs Committee, argues that the Tories’ deal with the DUP – far from destabilising the peace process – could lead to “significant benefits”.

At the same time, the Government is set to begin its crunch Brexit talks on Monday – with David Davis meeting the European Union’s chief negotiator Michel Barnier in Brussels. The Government’s domestic programme may be delayed as it wrestles with the DUP, but it can at least console itself with the knowledge that its Brexit plan is proceeding on time.

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Why Abbas won’t Accept ‘2 States for 2 Peoples’?

There is a widespread but false belief that Mahmoud Abbas is finally prepared to accept the two-state solution proposed by the UN in November 1947 when it divided mandatory Palestine into two areas: one for the Jewish People; the other for the Arab People. The Jews of Palestine accepted the compromise division and declared a nation state for the Jewish people to be called by its historic name: Israel.

The Arabs of Palestine, on the other hand, rejected the division and declared that they would never accept a state for the Jewish people and statehood for the Palestinian people. They wanted for there not to be a state for the Jewish people more than for there to be a state for their own people. Accordingly, they joined the surrounding Arab armies in trying to destroy Israel and drive its Jewish residents into the sea.

They failed back then, but over the years, and to the current day, they continue to want no state for the Jewish people more than they want a state for Palestinian Arabs. That is why Abbas refuses to say that he would ever accept the UN principle of two states for two peoples. I know, because I have personally asked him on several occasions.

In a few months, Israel will be celebrating the 70th anniversary of the historic UN compromise, but the leaders of the Palestinian Authority still refuse to accept the principle of that resolution: two states for two peoples.

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