What must be done to stop terror in Londonistan

Islamist atrocities in Britain, the murderous vehicular rampage on London Bridge and then the frenzied stabbing of people enjoying a Saturday night out in local eateries, the ensuing blame game has merely highlighted the need to start facing up to what it takes to defend a free society.

Join me here for my take on these grievous events and what Britain should now be doing. A transcript follows below the video.

Does the Prime Minister read my column? In yesterday’s Times, I wrote that the chances of Theresa May doing what needs to be done to tackle Islamist extremism and terrorism are slim because of the constraints of human rights law.

Lo and behold: last night Mrs May announced she would take further condign measures, such as making it easier to deport extremists and restricting the movements of terrorism suspects when there was evidence they posed a threat but which wasn’t enough to present to a court.

“If human rights laws get in the way of doing those things,” she said, “we will change those laws to make sure we can do them”.

Well, I’ll believe that when I see it. The hue and cry that she is proposing to “rip up human rights laws”, as the Guardian put it in its usual tendentious manner, has already started.

The former Director of Public Prosecutions and Labour’s shadow Brexit spokesman, Sir Keir Starmer, claimed on the Today programme this morning (0810) that human rights law had never prevented any Islamist extremist from being properly dealt with. Yet in case after case human rights law has prevented deportations from taking place on the grounds that the suspect’s right to family life takes precedence, or the absence of human rights in the country to which he would be deported meant he couldn’t be sent there, and so on.

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