Trump s Chastising Abbas for Misrepresenting Incitement

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The news that President Trump chastised Mahmoud Abbas for misrepresenting the Palestinian Authority (PA) education system inciting violence, terror, murdering Jews and martyrdom as an education of their children and grandchildren (the inclusion of grandchildren was a masterful propaganda ploy) for peace is actually terrible news for Israel. This puts on display for every Arab and Muslim in the world that President Trump is completely unaware of their propaganda campaigns and that he will believe anything and everything they tell him as there are not sufficient people to tell him when they are simply following Taqiyya, their religious demand that they lie and use subterfuge in order to provide gains and advantages for Islam over all the Kafirs, the non-Muslims. The fact that when Mahmoud Abbas stood next to President Trump and leveled the lie of pursuing peace over jihad and the President was fully believing this pabulum being fed…

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