Did we come from pigs?

When Eugene McCarthy looks in the mirror, certain traits jump out at him. His body fat. His mostly hairless skin, and the fine lines that run over it. His nose, protruding from his face, all “fleshy and wiggly.”

These traits, along with dozens of others — thick tooth enamel, female orgasm, and long hind limbs, to name a few — are dots McCarthy, a former genetics researcher at the University of Georgia, connected long ago. Since the early ‘80s, he has believed that humans are the result of an errant sexual encounter between our closest relative, the chimpanzee, and the animal with which we seemingly share all aforementioned traits: the pig.

Pigs and chimps, “both of which are very sexual animals,” have probably gotten busy more than once over geological history, McCarthy figures. On one such occasion, that union may have resulted in a fertile pig-chimp mix. This animal (a chig? a pimp?) may have then reproduced with a regular chimp. Fast forward multiple generations, and perhaps something resembling a human emerged.

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