To Make America Great Again, Let’s Bring Back the Draft

I know how to make America great again.

I’m not a big fan of Donald Trump, as I might’ve said once or twice before, at dinner parties, in these pages, or on National Public Radio. But seeing the president behave more like a commander in chief these past two weeks than his predecessor had in eight years in office—destroying one-fifth of Bashar al-Assad’s air force while enjoying a scrumptious chocolate cake, dropping 21,000 lbs. of explosive justice on ISIS scum in Afghanistan—gave me an idea about how to turn Trump’s favorite locution from a maddening mantra into an action plan. Here goes: Reinstate the draft.

Before you contemplate this idea any further, go ahead and read this editorial from the young Soviets who run Wellesley’s student newspaper. “If people are given the resources to learn,” opined the sisters of Stalin, and “refuse to adapt their beliefs, then hostility may be warranted.”

It’s easy to mock the muddle-minded millennials who’ve turned our colleges into self-imposed gulags of the mind. But railing against the depravities of regressive liberalism does little to mitigate the damage it can do or redeem a generation lost to the poisonous logic of political correctness. The greatest peril to American democracy isn’t that our elected leader is a boastful bumbler who may or may not eventually learn how to govern without too much harm—it’s that too many institutions on which civil society depends have abandoned the cause of liberty and the call to community for a heady brew of bad ideas not many Americans share.

And the Army is the perfect antidote

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