Will Trump Turn Against Israel?

Nikki Haley [recording]: Nowhere has the UN’s failure been more consistent, and more outrageous, than its bias against our close ally, Israel. In the general assembly session just completed, the UN adopted 20 resolutions against Israel and only six targeting the rest of the world’s countries combined.

Ezra Levant: That’s Nikki Haley at her confirmation hearing. She is now Donald Trump’s ambassador to the United Nations, taking a very pro-Israel approach, a marked departure from President Obama’s approach. But other than Nikki Haley, how has Donald Trump done in terms of Israel and the Middle East? Has he kept the promise of being pro-Israel, moving the embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, backing off of bullying the Israelis about their construction of settlements? Joining us now in the studio to talk about this is our friend, Dr. Daniel Pipes, up here from the Middle East Forum. Great to see you again!

Daniel Pipes: You too, Ezra.

Levant: Welcome to our humble studios. I like what Nikki Haley has done so far. She has kept talking about this anti-Israel bias, even now that she’s within the bosom of the UN, so I don’t think she’s being co-opted by the career diplomats and bureaucrats. How has Trump done on the other aspects?

Pipes: Nikki Haley’s been fantastic. The other aspects are not so good. When you look at the most important issue of all, the Iran deal, the JCPOA, which Trump called the “worst deal in history,” nothing in a little over two months has happened. Nothing at all.

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