Israel’s Public Relations: The Problem and the Solution

“War is the continuation of politics by other means,” said by General Carl von Clausewitz nearly 200 years ago, has now morphed into: “Politics is war by other means”.

Enemies who are inferior militarily have understood this; hence, from the height of admiration after the Six Day War, Israel has hit bottom, sharing the position with the likes of North Korea.

How and why is this?

A knowledge of history is essential; therefore it is the first thing one’s enemies try to destroy. If one can falsely claim that biblical places such as Rachel’s Tomb, the Cave of the Patriarchs, the Temple Mount or even Jerusalem are Islamic, even though Islam did not, historically, exist until hundreds of years later, one can consequently claim that there never was a Jewish connection to the land – so then why should the Jews have it?

If you do not know where you come from, you cannot know who you are or what values are worth defending. Shulamit Aloni, as Israel’s Education Minister in 1992-1993, probably to accommodate the peace Israelis hoped would come after the Oslo Accords, purged Israel’s history textbooks of anything that might be deemed “politically incorrect”. Although she undoubtedly meant well, she did Israelis a major a disservice. The result was as if the U.S. government were to erase George Washington, the Federalist Papers and Abraham Lincoln from its textbooks and the ability to know one’s past.

It is therefore essential that those who challenge Israel’s right to exist and try to destroy Israel economically are met by historical reality. It is only through presenting facts rather than “narratives” that we can succeed in the media war. Israel should bring the old textbooks back — immediately.

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