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Members of the United Nations have had an Israel obsession for a very long time. It’s taken many forms and has done countless damage — mostly to the good name of the world body.

What this obsession hasn’t done is advance the prospects for peace by even one inch. If anything, it’s only made that quest more elusive because of the UN’s one-sided approach.

Successive US administrations have tried to tackle this problem, some with more success than others.

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Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan didn’t know he was going to get so lucky on Wednesday, when a threat he…

During the Bush 41 era, the infamous “Zionism is racism” resolution, adopted by the UN General Assembly in 1975, was repealed — one of the rare instances in UN history when such a reversal occurred.

In the Clinton years, Israel’s 50-year inability to vie for a UN Security Council seat was ended, and it finally became a member of one of the five regional blocs — the Western European and Others Group (WEOG) — that determine candidacies. The Jewish state then announced that it would run for a seat in the 2019-20 cycle.

During the Obama administration, Israel was able to join the WEOG group in Geneva, in addition to becoming a member of JUSCANZ, another important consultative body. Moreover, for the first time in UN history, an Israeli — Ambassador Danny Danon — was elected to serve as chair of one of the six UN General Assembly Main Committees (the Legal Committee).

Each of these steps was critically important, and none came easily. But more remains to be done if the UN is to fulfill its own charter’s commitment to the “principle of sovereign equality” of all member states, large and small.

Israel is the only country in the world with a separate, and permanent, agenda item (#7) at the Geneva-based UN Human Rights Council. No other member state, including serial human-rights violators such as North Korea, Syria or Iran, has its own agenda item. Only the sole liberal democracy in the Middle East is treated in this blatantly biased manner because that’s the way it works — the bad guys circle the wagons to protect one another, and, at the same time, gang up on Israel, creating an automatic majority against it.

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