Former jihadist turned Christian evangelist warns of educational jihad against West

A former radical Islamist turned Christian evangelist is warning the West of another form of jihad being waged in the education front.

Isik Abla “mentioned four other types of jihad—educational, population, media, and economical jihad” and revealed that “she was recruited to wage educational jihad by her first Muslim husband.”

Abla’s warnings emerge from her firsthand experience, and such warnings have come from others as well. There exists a mental block in the minds of Westerners who have been culturally conditioned to accept diversity without question, compounded by politicians seeking the Muslim vote. The advancement of “population jihad” will serve the interests of politicians who seek their own self-aggrandizement over the well-being of citizens. Little wonder that the doors to immigration are being indiscriminately flung open by leftist politicians as they cling desperately to power.

It has become far too widely accepted that to question Islam means that one is racist and/or “Islamophobic.” This notion needs to be flatly rejected. Islamic law mandates that Islam must not to be questioned. Accepting that the freedom of speech should be curtailed in any way to suit Muslim sensibilities opens the West to a slow, but deliberate subjugation to Sharia.

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