The Washington Post’s Undisclosed Links to Castro’s Torturers

The Washington Post “broke” the “scandal” involving Jeff Sessions “non-disclosure” of a meeting (while Chairman of the Armed Services Committee) with the Russian Ambassador to the U.S.—in other words, for doing his job.

The Washington Post could also claim it was “performing its job” when it hired a correspondent with close family links to the Castro regime. After all, getting some  “inside scoop” on a terror-sponsoring Stalinist regime that burglarized, tortured and murdered U.S. citizens, that top military counter-intelligence officer Chris Simmons calls “Intelligence Trafficker to the World”– and that pulled off the deepest and most damaging penetration of the U.S. Defense Department in recent history could make for fascinating and valuable revelations.

Instead, all we’ve gotten from the WaPo’s correspondent is blatant Castroite propaganda—as if we needed any more from the mainstream media. So all we ask from the Washington Post is the same type of “full-disclosure,” they demand of Jeff Session.

But such disclosures involving one of America’s top newspapers and one of the world’s top repressors, espionage-masters and terror-sponsors do not appear to be forthcoming voluntarily from the Washington Post. So we’ll reveal  them right there:

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