Palestinians: A Strategy of Lies and Deception

The Palestinian Authority and its leader, Mahmoud Abbas, still believe that they can fool all of the people all of the time. This has always been the Palestinian strategy: nothing new here. Yet one likes to think that world leaders and decision-makers in the West will eventually – perhaps today? – wake up to the fact that the Palestinians are playing them for fools.

Last week’s terror attack in Jerusalem, where a Palestinian tourist rammed his truck into a group of soldiers, killing four and wounding scores of others, rips the mask off of Abbas and his PA leadership in Ramallah. By either failing or consciously refusing to condemn the terror attack, they expose their cowardice, but, equally importantly, that terrorism directed against Jews is just fine by them.

How differently Abbas plays his cards when the blood spilled is not Jewish: seldom has he missed an opportunity to condemn terrorist attacks around the world.

Only one week prior to the most recent Jewish bloodbath in Jerusalem, Abbas was a frontrunner for lamenting the New Year terror in Istanbul, Turkey, in which 40 people were killed and dozens wounded. In a letter to his Turkish counterpart, Abbas categorically condemned the attack and made it clear that he stood with the Turkish people against terrorism.

When the Russian ambassador to Turkey was gunned down, Abbas was also quick to raise his voice, saying that the murderous act was in violation of international and human laws and values. He repeated his rejection of “all forms of terrorism and violence.”

Abbas also did not wait long to denounce last month’s terror attack in Jordan against Jordanian policemen and tourists. He said that he and the Palestinians stood with Jordan against “this blind terrorism.”

Additionally, Abbas was among the first leaders to issue statements criticizing the truck-ramming attacks in Germany and France. Again, he told the leaders of France and Germany that he and the Palestinians were strongly opposed to this form of “black terrorism.”

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