Trump Transition and the Usual Blame Game

Beyond the Cusp

The long knives are being unsheathed at both ends of the elitist political scene, both Democrat and Republican establishment players, all in efforts to protect their critically threatened turfs. Those who have long suspected in a means of collusions between the duly entrenched of the two parties to defend their mutual interests are about to watch as the proof will be represented by the allied and mutual attack front put forth from both camps. Their target will be every last appointee and proffered candidate to fill out the cabinet and others in the thousands of positions President Elect Trump will be needing to fill by the time he takes the oath of office. We have already seen some of the attacks coming from the political spectrum presumably from both ends. There have been assaults on the suitability of John Bolton and Rudy Giuliani where remarkably they were both accused of…

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Stress Free Days


My surgery has been rescheduled for November 21, 2006. I need to sooth the stress in my life so I’m going to stay away from social media  until after. Trump and all the noise that is following him and his appointments and plans is nerve wrecking.

Therefore I won’t be reading the newspaper or watching the news. I know life will go on without me. I’ll catch up after surgery. For now I’m going to overdose on the Hallmark channel and it’s Christmas movies.

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When I am burned alive

Literary Street

A 16-year-old girl was burned alive in Guatemala! A Handful of Humanity left, too, is in jeopardy.
A poem conveying the truth yet incapable to that extent and offering condolences to her, of course.

When I am burned alive,

The furious flames will slowly melt my skin;

It would affront to take my life at once—which I prefer—

But it, too, is afraid of the vigilantes, who are

Enshrouding a girl who is in the holy temple of God and

Asking Him to appear, at least, once.

Even the mob want to see you, God,

Aren’t you aware of the situation?

Or are you afraid of them, too?

They toiled the bells; shred the clothes that draped your body;

Spitted on your statue and laughed at you.

I wanted you to come like you used to do,

Engross all the evils like you did in the scriptures

And cure them…

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999999The fate of Middle Eastern Jewish communities is usually ignored by historians. Jewish victims of Arab attacks are typically ignored by the world. But the city of Aleppo (now being bombed into rubble) was once an ancient and important center of Jewish life. :

“At the time of the United Nations vote on November 29, 1947, the Jewish community in Aleppo numbered around 10,000 and went back around two thousand years.

After the vote in favor of the partition of Palestine, the Syrian Government abetted and organized Aleppo’s Arab inhabitants to attack the city’s Jewish population. The exact number of those killed remains unknown, but estimates of those killed are put at around 75, with several hundred Jews wounded. Ten synagogues, five schools, an orphanage and a youth club, along with various Jewish shops and 150 houses were set ablaze and destroyed. Damaged property was estimated to be valued at US$2.5m. During the pogrom the Aleppo Codex, an important medieval manuscript of the Torah was lost and feared destroyed. The book reappeared (with pages missing) in Israel in 1958.

Following the attack, the Jewish community went into a steep decline. The wealthy Jews escaped the day after the progrom and many more fled in small groups in subsequent months. Their property was forfeited and on December 22 the Syrian Government enacted a law forbidding Jews from selling their property. Within years after the pogroms, most Jews left Aleppo, a large majority of them to Israel. By 1959, about 2,000 Jews remained in Aleppo.

As of 2012, no Jews lived in Aleppo.”


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