Explain It To Me

There was this couple that was married for 10 years, and had a fine love life, with one exception – every time they made love the husband always insisted on shutting off the lights all the way.
Well, at first it wasn’t so annoying, but after 20 years of marriage the wife felt this was stupid. She figured she would break him out of the crazy habit. frustrated woman
So one night, while they were in the middle of a romantic session, she turned on the lights. 
She looked down and saw her husband was holding a specially made pleasure device. She got very angry. “You impotent bastard!” she screamed at him, “How could you have been lying to me all these years? You better explain yourself!” 
The husband looks her straight in the eyes and says calmly,I’ll explain the toy if you explain the kids.

Your Protests and Microaggressions Annoy Us

Beyond the Cusp

We realize that the fact that the majority of us who supported Donald Trump and came out in his favor despite his shortcomings and other difficulties was because you drove us outside of our safe-zones, which are far larger than yours as we are nowhere near as easily perturbed by the rest of humanity as you appear to be. You lost a singular election. We were polite during the past twenty-eight years since we rose from our endlessly toiling and had our desired person in the White House. We are the next generation of quiet Americans who elected Ronald Reagan. They call us the silent majority because when we lose the election we simply return to work Wednesday morning and do our jobs. We definitely do not riot, smash other people’s windows, destroy their vehicles, steal merchandise or any of the other lawlessness which far too many of the tender…

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Europe’s New Media Darlings: Terrorists

What would have happened if the city council of Jerusalem had conferred the honorary citizenship on Italy’s Mafia leader, Totò Riina, calling him a “political prisoner”? What would have happened if the city council of Tel Aviv had named a street after Giovanni Brusca, the Mafia butcher who kidnapped and tortured the 11-year-old son of another mafioso who had betrayed him, and then dissolved the boy’s body in acid? The Italian government would have vehemently protested. With Palestinian terrorists, however, there is another standard, as if in the eyes of many of Italy’s city councils, terror against Israeli Jews is actually justified.

In the pro-Palestinian credentials of the mayor of Naples, Luigi de Magistris, the only item missing was giving honorary citizenship to a Palestinian terrorist. Bilal Kayed is anything but a “man of peace.” He is a dangerous Palestinian terrorist who spent 14 years in Israeli prisons for two shooting attacks, and for planning and attempting the (unsuccessful) kidnapping of a soldier. Kayed is now a new honorary citizen of Naples.

“[It is] a decision that harms the image of Naples”, protested the newly elected president of the Union of Italian Jewish Communities, Noemi Di Segni. Meanwhile, Naples city council has refused to grant honorary citizenship to the Chief Rabbi of Jerusalem.

It is not the first time that Mayor De Magistris embraces anti-Israel militancy. The city of Naples provided a municipal room to show a documentary called, “Israel, The Cancer,” which shamefully compares Israeli soldiers to Nazis. Israel’s Ambassador to Italy, Naor Gilon, protested against the screening and noted that “the film’s title, ‘Israel, The Cancer’, is reminiscent of dark eras in the Italian and European history, in which Jews were defined as a disease.”

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Morning Briefing – The Telegraph

Good morning.

Theresa May is off to Berlin today to tackle “pressing global issues” with US president Barack Obama, and the leaders of Germany, France, Italy and Spain. She will also hold a one-to-one meeting with Angela Merkel, in which she might be tempted to capitalise on the Chancellor’s offer a few days ago to “discuss further” the totemic issue of European free movement as part of the Brexit process.

In case the Prime Minister thinks Mrs Merkel will be a pushover, Germany’s veteran finance minister has sought to lower her expectations. Speaking to the Financial Times, Wolfgang Schauble warned that Britain may have to continue to pay EU contributions for a decade after Brexit. “Possibly there will be some commitments that last beyond the exit… even, in part, to 2030 … Also we cannot grant any generous rebates,” he stressed. He also suggested that Britain should be ready for financial services to abandon the UK and move to Frankfurt. President Obama meanwhile has called for Brexit talks to be conducted in a “smooth and orderly fashion” and praised the EU as “one of the greatest achievements of the world”.

EU leaders are putting on a united front, but Fraser Nelson considers in today’s Telegraph if that will crumble once they get in the negotiating room with Britain’s “playful Tory boudica”.If EU leaders think they can be vicious, Nelson suggests, they may want to be aware of how tough Mrs May “someone who quite enjoys political violence” – can be. “So Mrs May’s best Brexit strategy may lie in her presenting herself as someone who is unafraid of a fight, doesn’t really mind who she upsets – and is, above all, capable of doing anything. And on this, she has certainly made a convincing start,” he concludes.

This Is How Much Money the Harry Potter Movies Have Made So Far

Like his creator J.K. Rowling, the Boy Who Lived is worth billions

As Harry Potter fans gear up for Friday’s release of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, a spin-off film in the magical series, the movie’s producers are likely getting ready for another big payday.

Warner Bros., the studio that produced all eight films, has sunk hundreds of millions of dollars into each movie—and seen its investment returned by as much as ten times. Considering the fact that studio has ordered a total of five Fantastic Beasts movies, and sunk $225 million into the first installment, it looks like it’s continuing to hedge its bets on The Boy Who Lived.

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Alan Dershowitz: Assessing the Bannon Appointment

President-elect Donald Trump’s appointment of Steve Bannon as his chief strategist has been criticized on the grounds that Bannon is an antisemite. There are many reasons for opposing the appointment of Bannon, but antisemitism is not one of them. I do not support the Bannon appointment, but neither do I support accusing him of being an antisemite, based on the evidence I have seen.

With regards to antisemitism, there are three distinct but overlapping issues: Is Bannon personally an antisemite? Does his publication, Breitbart, promote antisemitic views? And do Breitbart and Bannon have followers who are antisemitic?

From what I can tell, the evidence cited in support of the accusation that Bannon is personally an antisemite falls into two categories: first, that his wife testified during hotly contested divorce proceedings that he did not want his children to go to school with “whiney Jews,” and second, that he ran an article describing Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol as a “renegade Jew.”


Let us consider these items of evidence in order. Senator Harry Reid tried to strengthen the first accusation against Bannon by saying that it appeared in a “court document,” thus suggesting that it had the imprimatur of a judge. But that is not the case. The claim was simply made by his former wife in a judicial proceeding, thus giving it no special weight. Bannon has rigorously denied making the statement, and said that he and his wife were fighting over whether his children should attend Catholic school, rather than a secular school.

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