Erdogan Declares Border War on European Union

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Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, President seemingly for life of Turkey has thrown the gauntlet down at the feet of the European Union (EU) demanding immediate action on Turkey’s demand for visa free travel throughout Europe from Turkey. With the onslaught of Islamic refugees emanating from within Turkey, it is little surprise if the EU is even the slightest bit hesitant to grant Turkey open borders with the numbers of refugees still residing in camps in Turkey. If this were the sole aggrandizement coming from President Erdogan it might be excusable, but there’s more. Erdogan has also expressed desires for Turkey to take steps, modest steps, but steps in reforming the Ottoman Caliphate. He has set his desires on incorporating Aleppo and Mosul into Turkey and expanding his borders southward taking areas of lands formerly part of Iraq and Syria and incorporating all the Kurdish lands into Turkey.

One might ask what…

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The Gay British MP Fighting for the Anti-Gay Muslim Brotherhood

Crispin Blunt, the gay Tory parliamentarian, has emerged as one of the most vocal British defenders of the Muslim Brotherhood.  The chairman of the Foreign Affairs Select Committee is an odd figure to head up the defense of Islamists. After two decades of marriage in which he denounced “homosexuality,” Crispin dumped his wife, who had allegedly helped finance his career, and came out of the closet.

The timing was perfect. As one source put it, “Despite his recent gaffe, his position as a minister is safer now than ever before.” The unpleasant white aging politician was now an official minority.

But Blunt often appears less animated by gay rights, aside from a vocal defense of the dance club drug “poppers,” than by Islamism. The former chair of the Council for the Advancement of Arab-British Understanding was a known opponent of the Jewish State. He had even accused Israel of perpetrating “a Holocaust of equal proportions” against its Muslim attackers.

At the time, Blunt suggested that the British government was inconsistent in favoring military intervention in Kosovo, but not Israel.

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Winter Is Coming for Tens of Thousands of Refugees in Greece

Camp residents heard the screaming before the acrid scent of burning plastic and polyester wafted through the abandoned factory. Once a tobacco processing facility, the vast warehouse had been turned into a refugee camp near the northern Greek city of Thessaloniki, housing nearly 1,400 refugees from Syria in regimented rows of canvas tents. Early on the morning of Oct. 30, one of those tents caught fire, sending the camp into panic as neighbors attempted to put out the flames and rescue the inhabitants. Graphic videos posted to the camp’s Facebook page show friends and family desperately trying to pull a screaming 8-year-old boy out of the melted remains of a polyester sleeping bag. He is now on life support at a local hospital with burns over most of his body.

Greek authorities are still trying to determine the exact cause of the fire in Oreokastro camp, but residents say they already know the culprit: northern Greece’s bone-chilling winter nights. The boy’s mother had left a hotplate on in a desperate attempt to heat her tent and keep the family warm. Most likely the boy brushed up against the electric cooking appliance with his sleeping bag, which subsequently caught fire. Camp resident Hayat Abdullah, from Deir ez-Zor, Syria, warns that these kinds of fires are likely to happen again, as refugees battle the cold. “Of course it is dangerous to leave the hotplate on,” she says “But a lot of people use them to heat the tents. It’s all they have.”

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Muslim Democracy Makes Everything Worse

When remnants of Turkey’s military launched a desperate effort to stop a democratically elected Muslim government that had championed Islamic terror and sought to restore the Caliphate, our government backed the Islamist democrats over the soldiers and officers fighting to protect secularism.

Erdogan, the aspiring ruler of a new Ottoman Empire, returned to power and began a purge of judges, reporters and political opponents. Tens of thousands of political prisoners filled his brutal prisons. Prisoners were tortured, raped and starved in halls and stables by the monster whom Barack Hussein Obama had named as one of his favorite world leaders.

Obama had praised Turkey as a model to the world. It “represents a blend of those ancient traditions with a modern nation state that respects democracy,” he rhapsodized. By ancient traditions, he obviously meant Islam. During her visit to Turkey, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton had declared that other Muslim countries needed to, “learn the lessons that Turkey has learned and is putting into practice every single day.”

Those lessons are being taught in some nasty madrassas.

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Anti-Semitic Graffiti Pop Ups All Over the U.S.

Here’s an unfun Internet exercise: Head over to and search for “swastika.” Lots pops up, now more than usual, which is more frequent than it ought to be in the first place.

Anti-Semitic graffiti and other anti-Jewish acts and symbols have been appearing all over the country since last week’s general election. There was the swastika drawn on the door of a dorm in which three Jewish students live at The New School in New York City, creating “shock” at the liberal-minded university.

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