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The demonstrations, some claim rioting, over the election these last couple of days has pointed to the need to redefine the “New Age” definitions of a Liberal and a Conservative. For those residing in Europe during World War II, they got a taste of these definitions though then they were referred to by the more accurate titles of Fascists and those fighting for Freedom. Let us first understand that the modern use of these two terms have literally nothing to do with their original meanings and those who continue to use the classical definition of Liberal as open to change and Conservative as against the new and the changes it brings may feel cheated and offended. We apologize, but the evidence is out there on the streets calling for horrific responses to the result of the election, responses that traditional Liberals and Conservatives would and are appalled by and rightly…

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Difficult Story That You Will Not Like to Read It

Editors’ note: To those of you who have enquired, the author is a real man living in the Middle East who sent us these pieces because he is unable to share them with anyone where he lives. At first we tried to tidy up the English, but that seemed to knock much of the soul out of his work. So we made the editorial choice to present his work basically as he sent it; what you are seeing is the result of that choice. It is the way he sees the world from his point of view, unobstructed by editors. Perhaps think of it more as a different kind of article, more as folk art but in words. It is not meant to offend anyone or any religion. It always seemed, living among people from different nations, as if wrongnesses in English were often “righter” than rightnesses. The painter Paul Gauguin reportedly said: “If you see a tree as blue, then make it blue.” We apologize to anyone who may not like these postings. “Those who understand, understand.”

Friday for Muslims is its Holy Day. On this Day, Muslims offering strange Prayer in Mosque who is near me. Before this, a Mulla presenting A Speech in a Mother Language, contemplatively he say. Mullah is tell Us different things about Islam. Once Mulla tell us, “Kill those all who does not beleave on ALLAH, until Pugnacity does not end. And you may not raise hand but just on those who does not beleave on Quran.”

Am attending the Mosque regularly from my Childhood so that is why the Mosque near to my House. I went there five time in a Day for offering my Prayer and cleaning the Mosque on the order of my teacher (Mulla). If I do not do this than he is beating me in a Mosque and in night Mulla order me daily to Massage his Legs and Feet, So am do all this regularly.

After listening this, am surprized and Contemplative on my religion and my Self.

This Friday, Mulla is have A difficult story. Mulla say that Muhammad P.B.U.H. order his Lovers to Drink the Urine of Camels so that all of your World Diseases goes a Way. *

The Topic was al-Shifa, medicine to getting Well:

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Lil Dicky, Rap’s Funniest Jew, Ends a Tour in Brussels

It’s a strange time to be Jewish in Europe right now. Right-wing leaders like Viktor Orban, Marine La Pen, and Geert Wilders are using strikingly recognizable language to describe Muslim refugees, while left-wing political parties across the continent almost uniformly condemn Israel with varying degrees of vitriol. Some Eastern European countries continue to downplay their roles in the Holocaust; other counties, like Ukraine, have made admirable efforts to do the opposite. Meanwhile, Jews have been the victims of targeted attacks in France, Denmark, and England; synagogues and Jewish schools have begun to resemble military fortresses. At the same time, Jews are flocking to cities like Berlin, once an unthinkable place of refuge. And the amount of attacks against Jews seems to be dropping. The fever may be breaking, but the dominant feeling is unease.

Lil Dicky performing during his ‘Dick or Treat’ tour. (Image: Courtesy of the author) (Facebook)

These sentiments and facts were on my mind when I went to see a performance by Lil Dicky, one of the best Jewish rappers alive, in Brussels last week. I was particularly wondering how I’d feel, and how the crowd would take it, when he would arrive onstage dressed in a skeleton onesie, and call himself a kike—a common punchline for the rapper whose skills are as sharp as his self-degrading comedic schtick. It would be for the fans. For the laughs. And I didn’t know how I would feel.


France: What Is Hidden Behind the “Burkini Ban”

In Sisco, Corsica, on August 13, a group of Muslim men arrived on a beach in the company of women wearing “burkinis” (full-body bathing costumes). The Muslim men firmly asked the tourists on the beach to leave and posted signs saying “No Entry”. When a few teenagers resisted, the Muslim men responded with a harpoon and baseball bats. The police intervened — but it was just the beginning.

In the following days, on beaches all over France, Muslim men showed up, accompanied by women in burkinis, and asking beachgoers to leave. Tourists packed up and fled. Several mayors of seaside resorts decided to ban the bathing costume, and the “burkini ban” scandal was born.

Some politicians said that banning the burkini “stigmatized” Muslims and infringed on their “human rights” to wear whatever they liked. Other politicians, including Prime Minister Manuel Valls and former President Nicolas Sarkozy, called the burkini a “provocation”, and asked for a law to ban it. The Council of State, the highest legal institution, eventually declared that banning the burkini was against the law; the ban was lifted.

What is important to explain is what lies behind the “burkini ban.”

Thirty years ago, France was a country where Islam was present but where Islamic demands were virtually absent and Islamic veils were rare.

Then, in September, 1989, in a northern suburb of Paris, three female students decided to attend high school with their heads covered by a scarf. When the dean refused, the parents, with the support of newly created Muslim associations, filed a complaint. The parents won.

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